Monday, August 31, 2015

Louise Sorel, Linda Thorson Participate in Marking 500 Days Since Chibok Schoolgirl Abductions (Photos)

Soap star Louise Sorel remembers the girls kidnapped in Chibok 500
days earlier. Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
Last Thursday (August 27) marked 500 days since 276 girls were abducted from their school by Boko Haram in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. 57 girls escaped from captivity. 219 girls remain in captivity. And Boko Haram has gone on to steal thousands more women and children who are being tortured, raped, impregnated, sold for $10 as sex slaves or wives to their enslavers. While military raids recently reclaimed some, not one of the remaining Chibok abductees have been restored to her life, her education, her family.

Bring Back Our Girls NYC held an Interfaith Service at Tillman Chapel that day at the UN Church Center, followed by a silent procession to Nigeria House to insist that they are rescued. The event participants came from all walks of life, including the world of soap operas. Days of our Lives and Santa Barbara star Louise Sorel, and One Life to Live and Emmerdale actress Linda Thorson were among those on hang.

Check out more photos below:

Louise Sorel and Linda Thorson. Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Bring Back Our Girls has launched a Global Awareness Pendant Campaign. New York-based writer Pat Sellers attended the one year vigil for the girls in NYC where each received an 8 x 10 paper with one of the names of the 219 missing girls. When Pat returned home, she found she wanted to keep it on until the girl came home thus the pendant was born. Wear the Bring Back Our Girls pendant. When people ask you what it is, tell them about our stolen girls.

Choose any number between 1 and 219 that is meaningful to you to wear as a pendant on a chain, or a charm on a bracelet. Your number will represent one of the stolen girls. Keep their story alive. Hold them in your heart. Remember them. Talk about them.

Pat Sellers, Louise Sorel, Eden Duncan-Smith and Linda Thorson. Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Pat along with Daniel Schifter, co-ceo of PicturesOnGold made this possible. To purchase a pendant, please visit A portion of all sales will be donated to the non-profit Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Hearts of Hope Survivors' Project -


  1. It's great that some people are trying to keep the fate of these Nigerian school girls in the public consciousness, not an easy feat in our world of multiple crises.
    I cannot imagine what those families have had to endure!
    I've read that there is a newly elected Nigerian goverment, hopefully they will make the return of as many of the schoolgirls as possible a priority (I've read that some of the girls have already been sold off and married off to fighters!). From what I'd read about the previous Nigerian government, they seemed to offer mostly false hope and false leads-- even taking credit for the return of some girls who had rescued themselves!
    I truly help for the best possible outcome for these Nigerian schoolgirls.

  2. How can governments around the world turn blind eyes to this injustice? So tragic.