Departing 'General Hospital' Actor Michael Easton: "It Always Hurts To Say Goodbye"

Michael Easton
With the murder of Dr. Silas Clay on ABC soap opera General Hospital, actor Michael Easton is leaving the show after more than three years (he spent the first year spent playing his One Life to Live character, John McBain). Easton addressed his exit in a message to Facebook fans over the weekend.

"THIS IS HOW IT ENDS... It always hurts to say goodbye," Easton wrote. "The sting is lessened because of the time I was able to spend with all of you. Not sure when our paths will cross again but in the meantime, my family and I extend our heartfelt thanks and blessings for all the support and kindness you showed us over the past three years. You made us feel loved and we send our love back to you."


  1. I didn't mind Silas, but GH has too many characters and more need to go IMO.

  2. They need to make BIG changes. But Silas was related to everybody & was one of the few decent characters.