Monday, August 3, 2015

'Viral' Trailer Released, Series Stars Melissa Archer and Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris and Melissa Archer star in Viral.
A three-part sneak peak of Sonia Blangiardo's Viral launches on August 10 but the show has just released a trailer to tease the new comedy series. Melissa Archer (Serena, Days of our Lives; ex-Natalie, One Life to Live) stars as Kat Bradley and Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer, One Life to Live) plays Jackie Jones. When Kat and Jackie get caught on camera urinating outside a club, the video goes viral and it becomes their new claim to fame. While Kat soaks up the spotlight, Jackie isn't quite as happy about this development.

In the trailer below, you'll also notice daytime soap opera stars Sean Carrigan (Stitch, The Young and the Restless), Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, Days of our Lives) and Eric Nelsen (ex-A.J., All My Children).

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