Monday, December 22, 2014

Retro TV Adding Primetime Airing of 'The Doctors' Starting Tonight

Retro TV added several new affiliates on December 1st, which means a whole new audience could begin watching reruns of the classic daytime soap opera The Doctors. For those who want to start watching from the beginning of Retro TV's run, tonight is your chance.

Starting Monday, December 22, Retro TV is adding the series in primetime, starting with the NBC episode which originally aired on December 4, 1967. Be sure to tune in, every weeknight Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT for The Doctors. And don't miss the show weekdays at Noon ET/PT with episodes currently airing from May 1968.

James Pritchett, Elizabeth Hubbard and Bethel Leslie star in The Doctors.


  1. It seems that the RetroTV network is very committed to The Doctors.

  2. My mom watched 'The Doctors' and 'Dark Shadows' religiously when she was pregnant with me, so I credit/blame them for my soap addiction! Unfortunately retroTV not available on AT&T Uverse in the Ft Lauderdale area.

    1. Try Daily Motion website and search for Hope Memorial

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    3. As a major soap fan, I started watching back in September and I am already hooked. This show has long term storylines as well as short term arcs which play out in a few weeks and is extremely well acted and written. Bravo to RetroTV for bringing this to us.