Tuesday, November 11, 2014

'General Hospital' Stars Talk Social Media in ABC 7 Segment (Video)

General Hospital fans are among the most loyal in all of television, and millions of them have embraced social media as a way to keep in touch with the stars of the show.

"What I like about (social media) is the fact you are instantly in touch with the fans, the people who are watching the show," said Finola Hughes (Anna Devane).

"I think there's a fine line we're trying to walk to engage the younger people and keep everyone active, but also keep the stories on edge," added Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe).

In the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for October 20-24, 2014, General Hospital was the #1 daytime soap opera with an average of 6,000 tweets per episode.

"We're not even supposed to tweet who we worked with that day," revealed Laura Wright (Carly Jacks).

Watch this week's ABC 7 segment with Sandy Kenyon below:

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