Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NEWS: Jill Farren Phelps on 'Young and the Restless' Ian-Mariah Twist, Naya Rivera Not Fired From 'Glee'

'The Young and the Restless' Chief Jill Farren Phelps on the Shocking Ian-Mariah Twist
"Ray is a very busy actor — but we have great story coming up for him. June is going to be huge and very crazy. We'll keep Ian in town, initially, with the Mariah connection and the history of their relationship, but there's a much bigger picture to be revealed."

"As soon as Tyler even mentioned there was a Mariah, the writers knew it would be Fake Cassie. She is going to be a huge threat to the Abby-Tyler relationship, which we know really needed some help. Mariah will also continue to have enormous involvement in the Sharon-Nick story and, obviously, her relationship with Ian is going to be big when it's finally discovered by other people. She's a wild girl, not a good girl like Cassie, and that will impact the whole Newman family."

ABC to Air Isaiah Washington's Final ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode Ahead of His Return
And to get fans ready for his return to the small screen, ABC will relive his dramatic departure by replaying the May 2007 episode “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.” It will air in the 8 o’clock slot preceding a new episode, “We are Never Getting Back Together.” (ABC had originally planned an encore of last week’s episode to air Thursday at 8, but decided to go back in the time machine instead.)

Naya Rivera hasn’t been fired from 'Glee,' but she was written out of the season finale'
Rivera’s future won’t be decided until June, reports E!, but she was originally supposed to be in the season finale. “(Naya) isn't fired and her not being in the finale has nothing to do with Lea,” a Glee source tells E!. "I don't know where these stories are coming from, but they are not true."

'Almost Human' canceled by Fox
The robot cop drama will not return for a second season.

Twenty Years Later, Investigation Discovery Revisits America's Most Controversial Trial in Exclusive Film 'OJ: Trial of the Century'
The film follows the real-life soap opera that was the Simpson case as it played out like an episodic work of dramatic fiction.


  1. I am not buying Faux Cassie as a threat to Tyler nor Abbie. This storyline is ridiculous, it ain't even funny.

  2. Speaking of Not Buying things: I don't buy JFP's declaration that Faux Cassie being Mariah was the original plan.Tyler mentioned early on that Lily reminded him a lot of Mariah and I don't see the resemblance. At. All. Is this why the writers have made Lily bitchy all of a sudden? Also, people have mentioned that the tattoo on faux Cassie's wrist looks different from the first time it was revealed on a seemingly darker skinned wrist. CG is very fair skinned and the first couple times the wrist was revealed, it was tanned at the very least.
    So Phelps' story about it being CG's character all along doesn't pass the smell test IMO.

  3. I think the missing parenthetical remarks from Phelps' unbelievable claim about FakeCassie and Mariah are:

    "As soon as Tyler even mentioned there was a Mariah, the (first time AFTER the NEW) writers (picked the story up - AFTER Josh Griffith departed - we) knew it would be Fake Cassie."

    Like others, I just don't see how Josh Griffith, who was writing the show when Mariah was first discussed last Spring, ever intended her to be FakeCassie. I'd guess this was one of the stories that Altman and Passanante reworked, with things heading in a decidedly different direction some time during the Fall.

    And really, if that's JFP's claim, then even the casting folks didn't get the memo and did a horrible job with the Mariah Body Double they hired. They didn't even get the fingernails right! .. lol! .. (Mariah always had perfectly-manicured French tip nails. Nothing like Fake Cassie's at all.)