Sunday, April 20, 2014

Special 'Days of our Lives' Episode: Will EJ Survive The Wrath of a Scorned Sami?

EJ and Sami have had quite the tempestuous relationship from the beginning. EJ raped Sami. Sami shot EJ in the head. They have been through it all.

They have loved and hated each other with equal passion. Somehow, EJ and Sami found love, or their own definition of love. With the all of the awful things they have done to each other, they found common ground in their human failings. Sami has forgiven EJ for a lot, and vice versa, but can Sami forgive the ultimate betrayal? Would it ever occur to Sami that EJ would cheat on her? And cheat on her multiple times with virginal Abby Deveraux? Our Sami Brady doesn’t take betrayal well. How is she going to react?

On Monday, April 21, Sami is going to learn the truth about Abby and EJ's time between the sheets. DAYS will feature a special episode, focused on EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney), and her reaction to the bombshell.

"It was such a unique opportunity, and it is an episode that I will treasure having been a part of for the rest of my life," Sweeney told Soap Opera Digest. Adds Scott, "I was quite flattered that they would want to write an entire episode that was focused on just the two characters."

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Based on the timings for the Monday, April 21 episode, Act Two (airing from 1:07:53-1:18:18PM) seems to be the long, 20-page scene that Alison Sweeney hinted about, where she and James Scott did the whole 10 minute-26 second scene in one take. For those interested, here's the complete list of each Act and commercial break for Monday's episode:

TEASER ACT/ACT ONE....1PM-1:04:48 (4 minutes, 48 seconds)
COMMERCIAL # 1............1:04:48-1:07:53
ACT TWO.........................1:07:53-1:18:19 (10 minutes, 26 seconds)
COMMERCIAL # 2............1:18:19-1:21:49
ACT THREE.....................1:21:49-1:27:49 (6 minutes)
COMMERCIAL # 3............1:27:49-1:31:45
ACT FOUR.......................1:31:45-1:35:52 (4 minutes, 7 seconds)
COMMERCIAL # 4............1:35:52-1:39:22
ACT FIVE.........................1:39:22-1:43:39 (4 minutes, 17 seconds)
COMMERCIAL # 5............1:43:39-1:47:10
ACT SIX...........................1:47:10-1:51:55 (4 minutes, 45 seconds)
COMMERCIAL # 6............1:51:55-1:55:25
ACT SEVEN/CREDITS......1:55:25-1:58:11 (2 minutes, 46 seconds)
Are you going to be watching? Do you want to see "EJami" survive this latest obstacle? And when all is said and done, what will happen to poor Abby? I don't think Sami is going to take too kindly to young Ms. Deveraux sleeping with her man!


  1. I'm looking forward to this episode today!

  2. I'm watching, and I want them to survive this obstacle. This story line has been a complete fail and an insult to be James Scott and Alison Sweeney and their fans. The gamble the show made blew up in their faces and they've lost a lot of longtime viewers because of this sordid, disgusting completely out of character story.

  3. I too am watching it right now. I am impressed with both of them!

  4. I loved the longer scenes. Great episode.

  5. Lol all i have to say about today's episode well done by Ali & James it was hilarious & full of drama just like what i thought it would be..,if i was Abigail i would have ran too!
    :Hell hath no fury like Sami scorned ;)

  6. I watched the episode and felt that the performances fell flat. There was a moment when rolling on the floor with AS, it seemed that JS was stifling laughter. The exceptional scenes were 1.) Sami voicing her insecurities when understanding why EJ would cheat with Abby ("She's younger, smarter, skinnier") and 2.) Sami in the vestibule with Marlena describing how happy she is with EJ.

  7. I enjoyed it. But NOW, how is Sami going to react? She REALLY has to bring the crazy!

    1. I totally agree when she was screaming rational today and started breaking things i was like oh there go crazy Sami but to know she didn't actually see those pics I know her reaction has to be..,got to be 10 times greater when that times comes than what we see today.!

    2. Right. I am hoping this is just getting us ready for something truly over the top and insane. Because now, her reaction has to be HUGE after today.

  8. I figured it would be a fakeout, because May Sweeps doesn't start till Thursday .. lol! (And as the decibels rose, so did the parody.)