Friday, April 12, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Update: Laura, Scott, Lucy Sticking Around; Brenda Around For Current Arc; Frisco Gone; Bobbie Leaving

Kin Shriner & Genie Francis - Photo: ABC
On Thursday, GENERAL HOSPITAL revealed that Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson would be returning to the soap on May 10, as new characters. Today, head writer Ron Carlivati filled TV Guide Magazine in on the plans for some of the veteran GH actors that have returned in 2013. Below are a few excerpted quotes:

Genie Francis (Laura) & Kin Shriner (Scotty):
There's still a lot of story to tell with Genie and Kin. We'll keep that triangle very much alive for a while but it will be resolved. I don't see either one leaving us anytime soon.
Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie):
It's been so great having Jackie Zeman back on the show but she will be going away again, but not without a wonderful capper on her visit. It's a lovely little payoff, something the audience will be very happy with
Lynn Herring (Lucy):
She's sticking around. I adore Lynn Herring. She brings humor and warmth and so much heart to the show, so I don't want her to go anywhere.
Jack Wagner (Frisco):
There's nothing more for him right now.
Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) & Ingo Rademacher (Jax):
Vanessa will remain with us at least through the resolution of this arc. I have a real soft spot for that character, even when she's gone too far. As for Ingo, I'm very open to having him come back. We love that guy.
You can read Carlivati's entire interview here.

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  1. Jacklyn Zeman is leaving? Seriously? Yet we're bringing back RH, KA, and ME as characters who have no relevance to any of the characters on-screen whatsoever? Really?!

  2. David, I agree. If Jackie was leaving because the canvas was too full I could take solace in the fact she might return as stories settle. GH is going out of their way to create story for the OLTL3 instead of Bobbie.

  3. YEAH LYNN!!!!!

    Is lindstron staying?

  4. How do you bring back 3 people that did not die as someone else. Let me guess. . . . .they were all the good twins and the 3 coming back are the evil twins!!!

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  7. Please keep Vanessa marcil on GH!!!!

  8. Go away Brenda.

    I would much rather have seen Frisco stick around, or Bobbie stay, even in smaller roles, then the OTL trio. I did like the chemistry between Michael and Starr but that's ruined if she comes back as a new character. The show should have just let them go - the contract issue thing sucks, but oh well.

  9. I'm a huge OLTL fan, but bringing RH, KA, and ME as new characters on GH makes no sense. I was happy when they joined GH as the characters they played on OLTL. Why not keep the ones with rich history around, like Jacklyn Zeman?

  10. I LOVE Brenda, keep her around and make her and Carly go at it, I love seeing those two together. Make it worse, let her hook up with Sonny again, just to irritate Carly.
    Brenda was Sonny's first real love, put them back together again and let Carly find her first real love with someone else, maybe her and AJ can finally mature and learn to love one another - yeah I know, not going to happen, but can you imagine the sparks flying between those two and how fun it would be for them to argue and make up?

  11. Crazy idea bringing back RH,KA,and ME.. I would rather have Jacklyn Zeman. I don't like Brenda. She wasn't Sonny's first love though..It was Kate/Connie. Love Lucy!! She one of the one's that make me watch every day..

  12. You didn't quote the part where Carlivati said Bobbie will be back. Misleading story for those who don't click to read the full interview.

  13. So sorry to see Bobbie, Frisco and Jax go. What about Nikolas? I LOVE him and as a Cassadine, he adds so much to the show and to Luke & Laura's story. I love Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson. I think it is ridiculous that they're coming back as different characters. Prospect Park and ABC should have come up with a compromise so they could stay the same. Most viewers are not happy with this!!