Friday, April 12, 2013

RiFF RaFF Prepared for His ONE LIFE TO LIVE Role by Eating Blueberries and Chick-fil-A

Entertainer and rapper RiFF RaFF will make a cameo on ONE LIFE TO LIVE on May 7, playing a character named Jamie Franko.

RiFF RaFF described the role to MTV Hive as being “an art dealer millionaire guy and people owe him money.”

Revealing how he prepared for the acting role, RiFF explained that he chowed down on “blueberries and Chick-fil-A sandwiches” and that his screen appearance bodes well for the future. “Put it this way,” he said, “the public will see a lot more Jody Highroller in recurring roles in TV shows and major movies. This is just the beginning.”

You can read more details on RiFF's ONE LIFE TO LIVE appearance here, including his history with James Franco and how his OLTL character seems awfully familiar.

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  1. Is it me, or is every news item about this new OLTL is indicating a very early "shark jump" for the show?