Thursday, April 11, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Trending Again, Emme Rylan Debuts (West Coast Spoilers)

GENERAL HOSPITAL continued to be the must-see daytime soap opera to watch live on Thursday. During the east coast broadcast, "Stavros," "Lulu" and "Brenda" were all trending at one point. [SPOILER ALERT] Viewers learned the backstory of how Nikolas came to Port Charles to reveal Stavros' evil plans. The script, with a lot of exposition that can sometimes be boring, kept viewers engrossed in the story throughout the entire hour. By the end of the episode we had seen both Helena's body as well as glimpse of the new Lulu, Emme Rylan. Check out some screen captures below:

The preview for Friday's episode of GH showed a clearer shot of Lulu.

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  1. Something about the way RKK explained things keep me riveted.

  2. Ugh FrozenLulu. RC has scraped the bottom of the barrel for storylines. I don't think I'll ever watch GH again, especially after the Michael/Brenda and Britt pregnancy debacle!

  3. there are hundreds of other shows you can watch. happy hunting.

  4. what happened to juile marie burman the old lulu? I miss her more! what the hell!