Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Julianne Moore Talks 'Carrie'; Plus, E.J. Bonilla, Gabriel Mann, NASHVILLE, Joe West

Carrie’s Julianne Moore Discusses Tapping Into Margaret’s Madness
"You know, part of it is that it’s a beloved film, obviously, and novel. It certainly was seminal for me as an adolescent. I still remember huge parts of it, you know, after you’ve seen hundreds of movies over your lifetime there’s so many that you don’t remember, and this one I really do. We wanted to make it entertaining, we wanted to make it believable, we wanted to make it scary, we wanted to make it moving – I think we just wanted to give it its justice."

Why Is No One Watching ABC’s Critically Acclaimed Drama NASHVILLE?
NASHVILLE is one of the fall season’s few critical sensations. So why is no one watching? Jace Lacob opines about the reasons why ABC's country music drama isn't a ratings success—yet.

NASHVILLE does lack the overt soapiness of REVENGE, the ABC drama that features regular dramatic takedowns, ass-kicking fights, and popped polo collars. While REVENGE offers a tantalizingly heightened reality, its billionaire glamour is contrasted by the sense that, on NASHVILLE, even the rich are somehow struggling to get by, perhaps making it a harder sell to an audience seeking escapist thrills. Still, REVENGE, it should be noted—most ironically—now airs at 9 p.m.

Then there’s the misconception that NASHVILLE appears to be a “women’s show.” Putting aside any casual misogyny that might be involved in relating a show to one gender, the idea is simply untrue. Yes, the show’s leads are three women and there’s a soapiness involved with love triangles, marital relations, and the Sturm und Drang of the heart. But NASHVILLE is only as much a women’s show as FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was a “men’s show” or a football drama.

REVENGE Turns Out Nolan’s Past and Finds GUIDING LIGHT alum E.J. Bonilla
[SPOILER ALERT] A little smidgen of Nolan’s past will come to light when someone comes back into his life. E.J. Bonilla is the lucky guy to be cast in the part, but unfortunately, for now, we’re still going to have to wade through a little more mystery before we learn something concrete about Nolan and this man. Bonilla appears as Marco in the flashback episode on November 25 then returns to present day the following Sunday.

REVENGE's Gabriel Mann Calls July 4th Episode “Explosive”
“The worlds of REVENGE have expanded in Season 2 and everybody’s kind of got their own plot to follow,” Mann said. “I imagine culminating in a rather explosive, I don’t know, Fourth of July?”

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Kelley Menighan Hensley playing Katherine Warwick in Showtime's REALITY SHOW
In the series, it turns out that the Warwicks, the family Wagner chose for his new show, are boring. So he decides to spice up the program by making things happen to them, from stealing the family’s dog to sabotaging the couple’s marriage and the husband’s career.

The 2 Ralphies in 'A Christmas Story' speak up
Johnny Rabe and Joe West, both 12, are taking turns playing the bespectacled, daydreaming hero in a musical stage version of the cult film "A Christmas Story."

Along the way, the two boys have bonded. Quick to joke around but equally serious when it comes to work, Rabe and West have learned how to tap dance and discovered that they both like fencing. They're also earning a paycheck for being on Broadway.

How much? They're too polite to say.

"A very nice amount for a 12-year-old," says West with a laugh.

Soap Star Divorcing Husband Who Impersonated Cop, Is Partners with Stephen Baldwin
Katherine Kelly Lang has been playing Brooke Forrester on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL since 1987. But her real life divorce from husband #2 is worthy of any soap. Alex D’Andrea, father of Lang’s teenage daughter, was convicted in August of impersonating a police officer in order to intimidate people at an Ojai, California tennis club.

D’Andrea is also partnered with Stephen Baldwin, the born again Christian and reformed hard-partier in the Baldwin family, in a movie production company. Last August he was convicted by a jury in Ventura County of flashing a police badge and telling an employee of the Weil Tennis Academy that he was a cop. This was after D’Andrea’s daughter had been thrown out of the camp, according to reports. D’Andrea demanded back his $50,000. (Wow.) Ultimately he got back $28,000.

According to the Ventura County newspaper, this was the second time a jury heard this case. The first time, the jury deadlocked 10-2 in favor of guilty. D’Andrea has made all kinds of accusations against the tennis camp, but the judge wasn’t interested in hearing them. D’Andrea was sentenced to 90 days in jail and was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and to stay away from the camp owner.

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Aussie NEIGHBOURS Actress Margot Robbie?
Page Six described Robbie as "the Australian beauty who we recently revealed he has been spending more time with." Robbie played Donna Brown in NEIGHBOURS for three years before moving to the U.S. to take a role in PAN AM.

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