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FLASHBACK: Anders Hove Enjoys Working On GENERAL HOSPITAL 1991

'GH' villain enjoys working on show

By Nancy M. Reichardt
United Feature Syndicate
October 16, 1991

NEW YORK -- We've all heard the saying, "You can't keep a good man down." Well, in the case of actor Anders Hove, the exact opposite rings true. Since his arrival in the United States from his native Denmark, Hove has constantly been cast as a villain. The actor is currently wrecking havoc on GENERAL HOSPITAL as the devious Cesar Faison.

Hove returned to the show this summer. He first appeared on GH in March 1990, a few short months after he relocated to Los Angeles. Although he was introduced as a mad man obsessed with Anna Scorpio (played by Finola Hughes), Hove notes that his daytime debut went smoothly largely because of the support he received from Hughes.

"I love to work with Finola," says Hove. "She's wonderful. She was extremely supportive when I cam on the show. I didn't know anything about the (soap) routine, and she really helped me out. She told me what to do and what not to worry about and taught me a few tricks, like not to start (a scene) until you're ready. If the countdown's started and you're really not ready, you wait."

A perfectionist at his craft (Hove trained at the Danish Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), the actor took pointers from Hughes to heart. He had never done daytime; back in Denmark, Hove concentrated on feature films. He starred in more than 10 films and was named best leading actor by the National Critics' Association in 1989. His U.S. resume is equally impressive. To date, Hove has ventured into theater, daytime television, nighttime television and feature films.

Is there a difference between acting in America as opposed to acting in Denmark?

"The one thing I don't understand, which is very American, is that there's no correspondence between actors and writers," says Hove. "It, basically, doesn't exist, certainly not here on the soap. In Denmark, there is that correspondence. Sometimes the writers would say, "No, you can't do this,' but then they explain why. You'd say, 'OK,' and would then have to do the scene as it was.

"I find it really strange that major characters on this show are not having weekly or monthly meetings with the writers to exchange ideas," he adds. "It doesn't mean the writers have to do what the actors say, but they can't use it as sort of an inspiration."

Yet. Hove does have input into the dastardly Faison. "I think I have a pretty good hold on him," says Hove. "I give him his own small ticks and characteristics like he hardly ever blinks. He just looks at people and talks to them. I don't know if the audience knows it, but I do that deliberately."

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