Monday, November 12, 2012

Anders Hove Returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Cesar Faison, Duke Lavery Is Alive!

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) was shocked on Monday's GENERAL HOSPITAL when the identity of the man who has been wearing the Duke Lavery mask was revealed (following Friday's incredible cliffhanger). SPOILER below so don't read until you watch!

As many predicted, it was Cesar Faison, pretending to be Duke in order to get close to Anna (Finola Hughes). Actor Anders Hove has returned to GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Faison to Robin: "I'm not that money everybody thinks I am."

The entire episode was a joy to watch including Monica (Leslie Charleson) slapping Carly (Laura Wright) after she called Dante to come arrest A.J. Then it ended with another shocker as Faison told Robin he had one more loose end to tied, then entered another room down the hall where Duke (Ian Buchanan) really was alive and tied to a hospital bed being held hostage.

And one more familiar face returns later in the week. Check out this new GH promo:

- FLASHBACK: Anders Hove Enjoys Working On GENERAL HOSPITAL 1991


  1. WOW! I knew it! I have been waiting for this since 1992! I heard ABC was trying to get Hove a work visa. So happy that it worked!

  2. This is a November sweeps to remember.

  3. Awesome episodes just keep on coming!

  4. I'm a dude...the only reason to watch GH is when Anders is's been 12 years or so since he was killed off. The best thing that happened to daytime TV is Anders....just saying...the role of Cesar Faison is genius.