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TOP FIVE: Today's Hottest Indie Projects & How to Help PRETTY, HUSTLING, DRIFTER, DAGMAR & FUMBLING

THEY'RE WAITING: The cast of PRETTY needs your help on $5 Friday!
"We would love to give you another season. But the truth is: another season costs money."

Thus proclaims Indie Soap guru (and Indie Soap Award winner) Steve Silverman, "The PRETTY Guy," who is officially campaigning to fund another season of Indie Soap Award darling PRETTY. First, let us say--Hooray for more PRETTY! For awhile there, we had feared the worst.

But also--Steve may be PRETTY, but he's also pretty smart.  What he says is all too true. Ultimately, it's up to all of us to ante-up if we want more of our favorite shows.

Indie Soaps (scripted web series with continuing storylines, produced outside the constraints of major corporations) derive much of their character, creativity and charm from their freedom from the controls of Big Media, but that independence is also their greatest challenge. Even the best Indie Soaps need to start over with fresh fundraising every season. Fans will only fork over for the best series.  New projects face even greater challenges.

TO BOLDLY GO:  Join the universe's  first crowdfunded TV show.
With so many out there, it's hard for most folks to decide which worthy projects are worth supporting with our hard-earned money. However, right now, there happen to be active campaigns underway for five truly awesome indie projects that are backed by big Indie Soap Award wins and winners, and that are also the focus of enormous anticipation and buzz: three established, award-winning series and two incredible new ones. We Love Soaps encourages our readers to become a part of these productions by donating, if you can, or by sharing fundraising info on facebook, twitter, etc. In fact, at the very least, please repost this top five list, and you can help spread the word, and support indie content!

Here are our top five hottest shows that anyone can support right now, with info on how to do it:

This is a fun campaign. For a $30.00 contribution, be named a "fluffer;" and get a personal shout-out and an autographed scene still from Season 1. Upgrade to "The Happy Ending" for $50.00 and a HUSTLING reusable grocery tote & a listing on their donor page are yours, as well.  It's worth reading their page just for the premium descriptions!

WORTH IT: Sebastian La Cause will wine and dine HUSTLING donors.
How to help: Check out their Kickstarter campaign, which is very well done.
"What can you expect? You can expect to feel good knowing that your contributions are going to fund an indie TV movement that is changing the way people experience content. It's a thrilling time to explore in this medium," says showrunner Sebastian La Cause

Here, the well-incentivized $25 package is called "The Hard Drive:" get exclusive access to special behind-the-scenes video updates from the DRIFTER team, access to a private viewing of the pilot, and of course a thank-you credit on their Facebook page.  In fact, even a one-dollar donation is rewarded.

For a bit more of a substantial investment, you can actually own Indie Soap Award winner Emma Caulfield's (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, BANDWAGON) military uniform from the show. Wow!
How to help: They have a Mobcaster campaign going--very cool.
"What happens next? The only way to find out is to show us your support. The pilot episode of DRIFTER will not be released online, but all contributors to our funding campaign will get to see it!" teases DRIFTER's Julie Ann Emery.

A WINNER:  Get in on the ground floor of GUARDS OF DAGMAR.
For $35.00, donors get access to a special, secret multimedia web site, in addition to other great perks.  One of the more elaborate incentives we've seen, for sure!

Coming from Indie Soap Award legend Tina Cesa Ward, this new series from the woman behind, for example, ANYONE BUT ME is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing. Donate and become part of a winning team!
How to help:  Here's the Kickstarter campaign.  Incentives "kick" in at just $5.00!
"Not only will GUARDS OF DAGMAR engage the audience through each episode, it will also immerse the audience in the world of Dagmar through interactive storytelling and world-buiding, starting right here with the Kickstarter campaign," writes Ward.

They have a sweet DVD (lots of extras!) with all of Season 1 available for a donation of $20 or more.  This premium is actually an excellent gift idea, as well--for any Hillary B. Smith fans especially.  Not for nothing, but Season 2 welcomes KNOT'S LANDING legend Michelle Lee, and who wouldn't want to support that?

BEHIND THE SCENES: Keeping an eye on FUMBLING's Hillary B. Smith.
How to help: visit the blog and click the yellow button on the right!
"Help us support season 2. The 1st season of Fumbling Thru The Pieces is now on DVD. Features the full length 1st season of the show. Outtakes from the cast and crew. Close Caption. Only $19.95 + $2.50 for S+H," explains showrunner Julie A. Smith.

Tomorrow is five dollar Friday! The goal is to collect at least $5 each from 1,000 fans.  Let's help make it happen.
How to help: Use the yellow "donate" button just below the scroll on the right side of  Then tell all your friends!
"I truly view this as a social experiment. The truth is, if you'll pay $8.00 to $14.00 for a movie, if you'll pay $15.00 to $30.00 for a play, what is more PRETTY worth?" asks Silverman.

Last February, PRETTY took home three Indie Soap Awards--including Best Web Series (Comedy).  So, what is PRETTY worth, he asks?  We think it's priceless.

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