NEWS ROUNDUP: Ratings Low For EASTENDERS, Bristol Palin Blames GLEE For Obama's Gay Marriage Stance; PARENTHOOD Renewed

EASTENDERS hits new low in ratings
Viewing figures for EASTENDERS fell to just 5.7 million this week, the lowest recorded in the show's 27 year history. The BBC is said to making drastic moves to recover, with several characters set to be cut. First on the list is Anthony Moon actor Matt Lapinskas, who follows soap favorites Pam St Clement, Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen in leaving the soap. Many blame the loss of popular characters on the show's decline.

Bristol Palin Blames GLEE for Obama's Stand on Gay Marriage
Bristol accuses him of being swayed by daughters Sasha, 10, and Malia, 13, because of their love of the show GLEE.

GLEE Creator Ryan Murphy to Host Obama Fundraising Dinner
The president already is scheduled to attend an LGBT gala and concert in Beverly Hills on June 6. Now, in addition to that event, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy and his fiancé David Miller will host a separate dinner that night to raise additional money for the Obama campaign. In the wake of the president's Wednesday endorsement of gay marraige, the event is expected to generate millions of dollars.

DEVANITY's Charlene Tilton and GCB’s Jennifer Aspen join IBG Inc.’s “My Letter To Fear” staged reading in L.A.
GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jen Lilley is also part of the cast of the reading which takes place June 24th. The proceeds from this event will benefit the East L.A. Women’s Center, which provides services to women and children, focusing on sexual, domestic, and family violence and HIV/AIDS. The center works to empower and give hope to individuals, families, and the community at large, with an emphasis on bilingual/bicultural services for the Latino Community.

DARK SHADOWS and the Fine Art of Adapting TV to Film
The principles for a great adaption: Find a franchise that feels current; Find a franchise that is long dormant; Find a franchise that produced no pop culture icons; Respect the source material; Find a franchise that's terrible; or Hire Burton and Depp.

GREY'S ANATOMY Stars Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh And Justin Chambers Close Deals To Return
All original cast members whose future on the ABC medical drama had been up in the air amid contract negotiations have re-upped for two more seasons.

Joe Biden’s WILL & GRACE Shout-out Was ‘One of the Proudest Moments’ of Debra Messing’s Life
"I think it was one of the proudest moments of my entire life, besides the birth of my son," the SMASH star told New York magazine. "It's in the top five moments of my lifetime. You know, we knew when we were doing WILL & GRACE that we were doing something important that was having social effect and political effect, but to have the vice-president of the United States come out in support of equal rights and marriage rights for gay and lesbian people, and to say that our show did more than anything else is an incredibly humbling thing to hear and just makes me feel grateful over and over again that I was lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time with the right people."

30 ROCK will likely have an abbreviated season.

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