INDIE SOAP BEAT: Julie Ann Emery Talks 'Drifter' Dream Team; Sci-Fi With A Love Story!

On the latest episode of INDIE SOAP BEAT, actress/writer/producer Julie Ann Emery (THEN WE GOT HELP!, Hitch, LINE OF FIRE, SUITS) fills us in on all the details of her latest project, DRIFTER, a 30-minute TV pilot.

"There's an apathetic slacker guy who is on a space ship by himself on a supply mission to Mars," Emery explains. "To alleviate boredom and to give himself something to do, he teaches the computer to let him virtually enter the world of his favorite TV show. Where I really got hooked is the TV show is like a half-hour romantic comedy. He falls in love with the leading lady (played by Emery)."

Created by OMFGeek founder Jeff Koenig, DRIFTER will feature an all-star cast including Emery and fellow Indie Soap Award winners Emma Caulfield (BANDWAGON, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and Rachel Hip-Flores (ANYONE BUT ME). They are joined by Darren le Gallo (Broken Kingdom), Al Thompson (THE CLEVELAND SHOW, LEXON AVENUE, ODESSA) and Gary Ploski (Rising Star). Collectively, the cast and crew of DRIFTER represent dozens of popular web series, hundreds of millions of views, and numerous IAWTV, Streamy, and Webby awards and nominations.

DRIFTER will be directed by Blake Calhoun (Pink, Exposed, Continuum) and produced by Koenig, Emery, Bradley Werner (THE CONFESSION, CONTROL TV), J. Sibley Law (NEWS FOR BLONDES, BONNIE FOR PRESIDENT) and Scott Nap (ISSUES, DOWNSIZED).

Emery and Jorge Rivera (RHYME ANIMAL, ODESSA) are writing, with music composed by Rob Gokee (SOLO, NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE KING) and special effects by Tom Konkle (SAFETY GEEKS: SVI) of Lumen Actus.

This web series dream team takes on the future of television both in its story and in how the pilot is being made. Foregoing the traditional network development process, DRIFTER’s creators are leveraging prior web series success to produce a pilot episode outside of the studio system.

Funded through independent TV platform Mobcaster by direct audience contributions, DRIFTER will look for a distribution deal with a traditional or broadband entertainment network. Click here to help fund the show.

To find out more about DRIFTER, watch the latest episode of INDIE SOAP BEAT below:

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