Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GENERAL HOSPITAL Recasts Kristina With Lindsey Morgan

TVLine is reporting that GENERAL HOSPITAL has cast Lindsey Morgan as Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis, and with the recast comes a new direction for the character.

Morgan will make her debut the week of May 21, when Sonny and Alexis’ daughter returns to Port Charles in not the best of moods, having learned that there was much more to her admission to Yale than she originally thought.

The most recent actress to play Kristina, Lexi Ainsworth, tweeted her reaction.

"Thank you guys for all your support, but I won't be reprising the role of Kristina," she wrote.

"I loved her, but I've also loved being free to do film. I enjoyed meeting Frank [Valentini, GH executive producer] and I know you will love the new Kristina that he has found. I learned so much from my GH home and want to grow further."

Nancy Lee Grahn also weighed in on Twitter.

"I can tell you that Lexi is cool with it," she wrote. Lexi's already got offers for many primetime projects. My sweet and brilliant Lexi has commented with class and dignity. Enough said. In a few years, I will be begging Lexi for a job in a movie as her grandmother."

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