Monday, April 16, 2012

GENERAL HOSPITAL FLASHBACK: Gloria, Hallelujah! Gloria Monty's Secret for Keeping GH "Number One"

With Frank Valentini being credited by some for helping to keep GENERAL HOSPITAL on the air for at least a little while longer, we found this article from Gloria Monty's heyday, from the "complete 1981 update" of "Daytime TV's Greatest Stories No. 2: Everything You Want to Know About GENERAL HOSPITAL" particularly interesting. How much ability does a producer have to make her soap "number one?"

In addition to nice shots of Andre Landzaat, Lisa Lindgren, Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis (with Monty), we really love the photograph of Gloria on the set. Doesn't she look like she might be giving notes?

Entitled "GLORIA, HALLELUJAH! Gloria Monty Has an Eye for Talent Surpassed by None--That's Her Secret for Keeping GH #1!," this behind-the-scenes piece focuses on "Ms. Monty's genius for casting."

For example, she's quoted on recent casting decisions:

"I know what a part should be, and if an actor is right for that part," she says. And she describes two of her latest finds: "Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) and Andre Landzaat (Cassadine) are very different actors but both have a kind of exotic quality which works perfectly for the storyline. We were lucky to get them!"

We've also reproduced the colorful front and back cover of the magazine, in which the the piece praising Ms. Monty ran on pages 86 and 87. Please click on the image of each page to expand in it's own window. Then, you can click again to view an even larger, nicely readable version.

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