Thursday, April 26, 2012

FLASHBACK: YOUNG & RESTLESS Brenda Dickson is "Daytime's Sex Kitten;" Wife-to-be (1976)

The full-page, full-color photo of a 20-something Brenda Dickson lounging on the beach (in a bikini) included in the third 1976 volume of "Daytime TV Super Special" is absolutely stunning.   The YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS icon is in her slender, supple prime, and the photo accompanies a kind piece (reproduced below) on her marriage prospects.

Entitled "SHE MADE UP HER MIND ABOUT MARRIAGE: Brenda Dickson, Daytime's Sex Kitten," the article has some fun facts ("She was once engaged to Barry Goldwater, Jr...") but at its core is an elaborate engagement announcement:

When she married, said Brenda, it would be to a man who would be about 30, a bit good looking, sexy and brilliant, successful and "very mature!" Well, she seems to have found just that man, Dr. Robert Rifkin, a handsome dentist who's just 30! And they plan to marry July 3, at the elegant Belle Air Hotel.

We've also reproduced the colorful front cover and table of contents of the magazine, in which the the piece ran on pages 24 and 25. Please click on the image of each page to expand it into it's own window. Then, you can click again to view an even larger, nicely readable version.

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