Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brenda Dickson's Ex Disappears For New Trial, Then Returns

Brenda Dickson's battle with Hawaii divorce court made national news four years ago, she spent weeks in jail for defying the judge. Now Dickson is back in court for a new trial, to revisit the property division, but Jan Weinberg was missing the first several days. Watch the story from KITV here and see Dickson break down during testimony.

UPDATE: Monday, after several days of trial in which Dickson's attorneys struggled to put on a case without Weinberg's testimony, Weinberg showed up at Kapolei family court. He told Murakami he had returned as an example to his son, from a prior marriage, who he said is a graduate student. Weinberg said he wanted to be an example to his son and "face up to his problems." Weinberg also said he intentionally fled the state, rather than "lose everything I have."

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