Monday, March 26, 2012

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Turns 39; Watch Scenes From The First Episode

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, debuted 39 years ago today on CBS. Here's a summary of stories for that first year (1973):

Fantasies of starting over with a completely new life are rarely fulfilled, but Dr. Brad Eliot was swept into his without forethought. Distraught because the son of his fiancee, Barbara Anderson, died while he was operating on him, Brad Eliot walked away from his medical practice as a psychiatrist and neurosurgeon. Brad was actually the boy's father. As he left Chicago, circumstances went from bad to worse when his car and wallet were stolen. In a haze, he wandered into Genoa City with nothing more than the dirty clothes on his back. Then, after enjoying a meal at Pierre's restaurant, he had to admit he couldn't pay the tab. That's when Brad's luck actually changed for the better.
Stuart Brooks, the owner/publisher of The Genoa City Chronicle, overheard Brad's conversation with waitress Sally McGuire. Trusting his instincts that this was no ordinary panhandler, Stuart gave him a job. Fate continued to nudge Brad into a new life when he saw a news wire story declaring that Dr. Brad Eliot had been killed in a car accident. Clearly, the thief who stole his car and wallet had been killed and mistakenly identified, giving the real Dr. Eliot an opportunity to start his life over.

Stuart Brooks and his wife Jennifer had four daughters: Leslie, a rather shy pianist; Lauralee, called Lorie, an adventurous author; Chris, a journalist; and Peggy, a college student. Although Brad clearly chose to keep his past a mystery, he proved himself likable, helpful and basically honest. It was easy for Stuart to encourage a budding relationship between Leslie and Brad.
Watch the minisode version of the very first episode below along with some other historical clips:

The first ever scene:

The first opening credits:

Gina's version of "Nadia's Theme":

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