Monday, April 9, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: No SMASH Musical; 5th Hour of Today?; Bill Bell Book June 1; Indie Television

No plans at the moment to bring SMASH to Broadway
"Since our creative team has been writing songs and snippets of 'Bombshell' scenes only to tell the stories of our characters in 'Smash,' there is no fully realized 'Bombshell,'" NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt wrote Thursday in an email to The Los Angeles Times.

"I'm not saying that it will never happen, but we are all focused at the moment on completing our [Season 1] finale episode and have already started talking about the macro ideas for Season 2," Greenblatt wrote, adding that next season will feature a second musical, as the fictional "Bombshell" heads to the fictional Broadway.

"So no one has thought twice about trying to find the time or energy to develop 'Bombshell' for the stage," Greenblatt wrote. "It takes several years to write and construct a big Broadway musical, and most of the hard work starts at the script stage before the songs are even conceived."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Click here for a preview of tonight's episode of SMASH.

BOOK: "The Young and Restless Life of William J. Bell" released June 1, 2012
"For the first time fans will be able to discover the true stories behind the creation and growth of the most popular and iconic soap operas of all time, and they'll learn about the man behind their favorite storylines. Filled with dramatic turns, dangerous risks, and an overall devotion to bringing life to the show, this biography will offer fans a backstage pass to the fascinating world of soaps! Bill Bell worked from a love of his characters and his family, and was never afraid to fight for what he knew to be important to both. For any fans of Bill's shows or anyone working on creating dramas, this is an unprecedented look into the life of one of the men who did it best."

Web Series Growing In Popularity
ANYONE BUT ME's Susan Miller says, we should start to think about web series as indie television.

"Theater, film, television, web," she says. "It's just an expansion of the arts. It's not a substitute."

Is GAME OF THRONES TV’s best show about women?
"GAME OF THRONES is filled with strong female characters that -- surprise! -- have lots to say about modern sexism."

A 5th Hour of THE TODAY SHOW?
Matt Lauer's new contract could earn him in the neighborhood of $100 million, according to people familiar with the deal. One idea already being kicked around is spinning off Lauer's regular segment "Today's Professionals," in which he spars over hot-button issues with a panel that includes Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The segment could also be developed into a fifth hour of TODAY.

Aaron Sorkin on His New HBO Show, THE NEWSROOM, and His Style of “Musical Dialogue”
"I am truly at my happiest not when I am writing an aria for an actor or making a grand political or social point. I am at my happiest when I’ve figured out a fun way for somebody to slip on a banana peel."

How MAGIC CITY Brings 1950s Miami Back to Life
Says creator Mitch Glazer: "It's really down to how good I am, if I can make them organic to this family, bring it through the lobby of this hotel, then the whole series will elevate and be deeper."

MAGIC CITY: An express checkout from Starz’s retro hotel
"MAGIC CITY, Starz’s new series about the operational dramas and criminal enticements within a splashy Miami Beach hotel, shows up embarrassingly late to a retro brat-pack party that was just wrapping up."

Why Aren’t Brits Watching MAD MEN?
The biggest reason for MAD MEN's poor performance is that it now airs on Sky Atlantic, a subscription channel that launched in February 2011. Like HBO and Showtime in the United States, premium British channels make their money from subscriptions rather than advertising, so ratings are far less important than they would be on a typical commercial channel.

TVD's flashback-filled May 10 season finale will introduce us to Elena's parents — and then kill 'em off. "One of the things we want to do in the finale is explore a time for Elena when life was simpler," says executive producer Julie Plec. "She had parents and no vampires in her life."

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