Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: DALLAS Honors Miss Ellie, Patti Lupone To ARMY WIVES, George Romney Explained

Patti Lupone reunites with Kellie Martin on ARMY WIVES
LuPone will play Lorraine Galassini, the doting mother of Army Captain Nicole Galassini (Kellie Martin). Martin, who made her guest-starring debut on ARMY WIVES Sunday, appeared alongside LuPone in the ABC drama LIFE GOES ON from 1989-93.

TNT's DALLAS will honor Miss Ellie (and Jock)
"Barbara [Bel Geddes] is a big piece of our history, and it's important to me to honor her," says TV son Patrick Duffy, whose Bobby will be seen laying a simple bouquet of flowers at Mama's grave. "To come back with Linda [Gray] as Sue Ellen and Larry [Hagman] in his J.R. hat, and then see the words ELLIE SOUTHWORTH EWING FARLOW on the gravestone made me think, 'Oh, that's right — she's gone.' It was hard to get through the dialogue."

MAD MEN's George Romney comment explained
It’s true that many of the elder Romney's political contemporaries perceived him this way. He often bumbled when not working with a prepared text (“George’s only sin is his syntax,” the joke went) and when he did, his preference for sanctimonious platitudes over substantive policy gave rise to the idea that he was an intellectual lightweight. In time, the notion that he was out of his depth on foreign affairs would turn him into a laughingstock and sink his presidential campaign.

Daytime Emmy process always up for review
NATAS is open to fine-tuning the procedure for next year. "We are collecting feedback from all the performers/judges who participated in the process," says NATAS executive director Brent Stanton.

Tom Pelphrey's "End Of The Rainbow" opens on Broadway
Pelphrey plays Judy Garland's manager and fifth husband-to-be, Mickey Deans, in the play.

BlackBoxTV YouTube Channel Launching on Friday, April 13th
On April 13th a new idea in entertainment will launch with a horror-themed premium channel on YouTube Channel. This is BlackBoxTV. Y&R's Yvonne Zima and ER's Goran Visnjic are two of the stars who have signed on.

Alison Sweeney: My Motivation to Go to the Gym
"Fitness is not an option. It's part of my job," the DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress, 35, tells Redbook magazine for the May cover story. "If I didn't bring my duffel bag with me, I wouldn't work out."

Max Adler, Stephen Lang, Dylan Baker, Mark Hapka, Kim Zimmer and Crystal Hunt filming 23 Blast
23 Blast is a film based on the real-life experience of Travis Freeman, whose loss of sight did not deter him from his love of playing football--on his high school team. It is an inspiring story of a community coming together in the face of tragedy, and the lesson that courage and faith can beat the odds. Zimmer plays Hapka's mother in the film.

DYNASTY Season 6 coming to DVD in July
DYNASTY, the addictive, primetime soap opera that quickly became a 1980's hit, returns to DVD with THE SIXTH SEASON, VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2. Explore the conflicts, passions, drives, and tensions of the Carringtons, a powerful, rich, and greedy oil family, as they struggle to maintain their position of wealth and power in the world. DYNASTY, the addictive, hit, primetime soap opera, returns to DVD with THE SIXTH SEASON, VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2. Each volume includes 4 discs: Vol 1 includes 15 episodes, featuring the episode that set the stage for the popular DYNASSTY spin-off, THE COLBYS. Vol. 2 includes 15 episodes, featuring the final episodes starring Pamela Bellwood as the long-suffering Claudia!

MIP TV : Venevision coproduces telenovela with China
Venevision International came to MIPTV 2012 with a range of programs consisting of several soap operas as THE TALISMAN, HEART PASSIONATE and NATALIA DE MAR.

M-Net’s soap opera, TINSEL, auditioning actors
As part of its contribution to the development of local initiatives and productions in Nigeria, M-Net is throwing its doors open to aspiring actors and actresses in the country.

Turkish soap opera blamed for UAE divorces
The UAE leads Gulf nations in divorce rates even as officials confirm an increase in percentage of family disputes registered in courts. Interestingly, experts blame addiction to television programs as one of the reasons to increasing family disputes in the Emirates.

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  1. Re: End of the Rainbow - Tom Pelphrey actually plays Garland's last husband, Mickey Deans. Nice review with photo in the New York Times: