Monday, April 23, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Kellie Martin's ARMY WIVES Lesbian Twist; Gotye Slams GLEE; James Denton Returns

Gotye Slams GLEE Cover as "Dinky and Wrong"
"They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals but the vocals were that pop GLEE style, ultra-dry, sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense," Gotye (real name Wally de Backer) admitted to the Sunday Mail. "Like it's playing to you from a cardboard box."

James Franco Tells His Side of the "General Hospital" Story
"We see some of the soap actors from the show, and get a brief glimpse of a real life villain–Jill Farren Phelps, since fired from 'GH' as executive producer, killer of many shows and not a fan favorite. Otherwise, it’s mostly James Franco we see, playing Franco the artist, who is also a serial killer on the show. I think–I’m not sure–his brother Dave Franco, a real actor–does the narration for his inner thoughts. James Franco–the real one–has sort of become a young John Cassavetes, filming everything, turning what he sees upside down. Sometimes it’s obtuse. This time, it works on a bunch of levels. Theatrical release? I don’t know. But a major TV or cable event, for sure."

ONCE UPON A TIME Writer Teases Finale, 'Good Feeling' on David and Mary Margaret Romance
"I’m generally the person on all shows that they go to when there’s a funny episode to be written," says Indie Soap Award nominee Jane Espenson. "I like to put humor in things. I think things feel more real with jokes, because in real life we laugh all the time. I also was fortunate enough to become associated with the Rumpelstiltskin episodes. So once I did one of those, they kept turning back to me to continue writing that character which has been remarkable."

actress Kellie Martin talks about Sunday's big ARMY WIVES twist
Nicole’s army colleagues found out officially that she is a lesbian and happily partnered with a woman named Charlie (Ryan Michelle Bathe). The significance of playing one of the first gay military characters in primetime is not lost on Martin. “I’m an actor. I kind of go where the wind blows me,” she says, “and I’ve loved so many of the characters I’ve played, but they don’t necessarily have this gravitas of this character.” In fact, that’s exactly what drew her to the role. ”Nobody’s ever seen me do a part like this,” she says. “I think it was a bit of a surprise for the viewers.”

DESPERATE HOUSEWIEVS' James Denton returning for series finale
Indie Soap Award nominee Lupe Ontiveros (Mama Solis) is also returning.

Prime-Time Ratings Bring Speculation of a Shift in Habits
One explanation behind the steep decline in network shows is the way networks now parcel out episodes of their more popular offerings. Around March, they begin inserting strings of repeat, which, more than ever, viewers avoid. Jay Sures, a partner in the United Talent Agency, said his company’s research found that “the disruption of the ordered pattern of episodes is a big issue.”

Start-Up Aims to Stream Pay TV Onto Web Devices
The start-up, called NimbleTV, will begin testing its service with a limited number of users on Monday. The service takes the package of television channels that a customer buys through a distributor like Dish Network, then streams the package onto the Web, allowing the customer more options for viewing than most distributors now allow. It also allows for thousands of hours of TV recording via a virtual digital video recorder.

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