Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Christine Estabrook Returning to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES; Oprah Poses With Herself; Unsung GOOD WIFE

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Christine Estabrook Returning for Series Finale
Estabrook, who played Martha Huber, the nosy neighbor and sister of Felicia Tilman on the ABC drama, will return for the May 13 series finale.

Two MAD MEN writers on the origins of “Mystery Date” and “Signal 30”
The stories for “Mystery Date” and “Signal 30” morphed out of the repressed anger and violence our male characters had been carrying. Matt was very interested in the concentration of evil that happened in America during the summer months of 1966 starting with race riots and escalating with the Speck murders and the Texas tower shooting. Those events spoke thematically to the emotional condition of Don, Pete, and Lane—also to some extent Joan, having been victimized by her marriage to Greg. So, the violence men have within themselves became the thematic link between the fictional storyline and the real-life events of the time period. It’s part of the joy of our job in building the season. We get to re-examine historical events, not only the big milestones but also delicious small events, and repurpose them to serve the stories we want to tell on the show.

THE GOOD WIFE: : Sunday's (Relatively) Unsung Hero
"Amidst all the big prestige cable shows currently clogging up Sunday (plus ONCE UPON A TIME), it can be all too easy to forget another gem on the end-of-weekend lineup, CBS' sharp and surprising THE GOOD WIFE. It's a show that, as last night's knotty episode proved, is still as good as ever, and one that should not be left out of the Monday morning post-mortems."

Vintage Soundtrack For MAGIC CITY Includes Ray Charles, Frankie Avalon, Bo Diddley & More
The "Magic City" soundtrack hit stores on Tuesday, April 17.

Emmys: MAD MEN's January Jones Switches from Lead to Supporting Actress Category Her decision to jump categories follows the lead of Elisabeth Moss, who switched from lead to supporting in 2010, then back to lead in 2011. The moves helped to net Moss three consecutive nominations for the role of Peggy Olson — though, like fellow nominees Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery and Jones, Moss has never taken home gold.

Oprah Gives Her 21-Year Old Self a Hug on New Cover Oprah graces the new cover of O magazine with a photoshopped image of herself at 21 with her 58-year old self. The story is unique because she does something that all of us might need to do. She wrote a letter to her 21-year old self that showed how much they have grown.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This would be a great idea for a soap print cover.

USA Network Sets Summer Return Dates
USA’s summer schedule kicks off Wednesday, June 6, with Season 4 of ROYAL PAINS (at 9/8c) and Season 2 of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (10 pm), starring Golden Globe nominee Callie Thorne. The following week, on Thursday, June 14, BURN NOTICE returns for Season 6, leading into the second season of SUITS (starring Gabriel Macht and SAG Award nominee Patrick J. Adams). Come Tuesday, July 10, WHITE COLLAR serves up new Season 4 capers (kicking off with the matter of on-the-lam Neal), followed by COVERT AFFAIRS Season 3.

 Also on tap for USA this summer is POLITICAL ANIMALS, a Washington, D.C.-set miniseries penned by Greg Berlanti and Lawrence Mark and starring the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk (LONE STAR) and Sebastian Stan (GOSSIP GIRL).

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