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EXCLUSIVE: SoapClassics Releases New AS THE WORLD TURNS DVD: The Story of Lily and Holden

The fans have spoken and SoapClassics has released another classic soap opera DVD, this time an AS THE WORLD TURNS collection: "The Story of Lily and Holden."

The ten episode set traces the 25 year relationship of the legendary ATWT couple Lily Walsh and Holden Snyder. Along the way, other memorable stories and characters will appear including a few that have yet to be seen on DVD.

Here is a summary of the ten episodes on the new "Lily and Holden" set:

Episode 1. A Rocky Start. October 16, 1985
In this episode, Lily encounters Holden for the first time. He is a new stable boy at the Walsh estate, and is responsible for grooming and saddling the horses. Although Holden is sexy and mysterious, Lily feels that he is disrespectful, and does not know his place. She is rude and condescending to him and their relationship gets off to a rocky start.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Brian Bloom, John Wesley Shipp, Scott Bryce, Finn Carter, Don Hastings, Colleen Zenk, Julianne Moore and Eileen Fulton.

Episode 2. Cry of the Wind. January 10, 1986.
In the months following their first meeting, circumstances forced Lily and Holden to spend time together at the Walsh stables and the Snyder family farm. To her surprise, Lily found herself increasingly drawn to both Holden and his family, whose decency and strong values appealed to her. She developed an especially deep bond with Holden’s sister, Iva. Although the chemistry between Lily and Holden was clear by now, Lily was determined to deny it. In this episode, their mutual attraction becomes almost too much resist.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Jennifer Ashe, Lisa Brown, Julianne Moore, Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays, Helen Wagner, Scott Bryce and Tonya Pinkins.

Episode 3. A Lie for Lily. August 25, 1987
Lily and Holden’s relationship eventually blossomed into romance, and their path looked promising. But in the summer of 1987, Lily discovered a dark secret that both the Snyders and the Walshes had been keeping from her: her birth mother was not actually Lucinda Walsh, but Holden’s sister, Iva (the episode in which Lily learns the truth about Iva is available on the SoapClassics collection, “20 Classic Episodes from As the World Turns”.)

Lily was devastated by the news, in part because she had been deceived by the people she loved and trusted most, and in part because it meant that she was Holden’s niece. Her only consolation was her belief that Holden himself had not betrayed her, because he hadn’t known Iva’s secret.

Lily ran as far and as fast as she could, ending up in Wyoming, where she took a job as a waitress in a diner. Holden eventually tracked her down to deliver stunning news: Iva had actually been adopted, which meant that Lily and Holden were not related after all. In this touching episode, the couple grows closer than ever.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Cain Devore, Scott DeFreitas, Julie Ann Lowery and Andrew Kavovit.

Episode 4. Holden Blows It. December 16, 1987
The surprises weren’t over for Lily. She eventually learned that even Holden had lied to her about Iva, and she became furious with him as well. In despair, Lily turned to the arms of her old friend, Dusty, and lost her virginity to him. Meanwhile, Holden became infatuated with the young vixen Emily Stewart, and the two of them became engaged. In this climactic episode, an anguished Lily visits Holden the night before his wedding, and asks him if he truly wants to marry Emily.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Melanie Smith, Brian Bloom, Marie Masters, Patricia Bruder, Jennifer Ashe, Colleen Broomall and Lindsay Frost.

Episode 5. The Bell Tower. February 1, 1994
The ensuing years were tumultuous and challenging for both Lily and Holden. Each married and divorced other people, and Holden became a father, before they finally found their way back to each other. Six years after they first met, the couple was finally married.

Unfortunately, as seemed to be their fate, Holden and Lily’s happiness was short-lived. Holden was attacked on a trip to New York, and lost his memory. He could not remember anything about his past with Lily, and they ultimately divorced. Once again, Lily fled Oakdale. This time she returned with a new husband, the debonair Damian Grimaldi.

But Lily had not seen the last of Holden. His memory was returning in flashes, and he gradually restarted his relationship with Lily. Lily was now torn between her old and new loves. In this sexually-charged episode, she makes a decision which will change all of their lives.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Paolo Seganti, Terry Lester, Margaret Reed, Michael Swan, Tamara Tunie, Brooke Alexander, Scott Bryce and Marie Masters.

Episode 6. Meet Luciano Grimaldi. May 16, 1995
Not surprisingly, life continued to be complicated for Lily and Holden. Shortly after they were reunited, Lily was kidnapped. Damian heroically tracked her down and rescued her, causing Lily to give their marriage another chance. Soon after, she became pregnant with Damian's child. In this episode, Lily gives birth on the Snyder farmhouse kitchen floor, with Holden helping her deliver a baby named Luciano, later to be known as Luke. Like his mother, Luke would grow up before the cameras, and would eventually assume an important place in the show’s history.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Paolo Seganti, Yvonne Perry, Kelley Menighan, Shawn Christian, Marie Masters, Allyson Rice-Taylor and Maura West.

Episode 7. Switched at Birth. August 16, 1999
By the summer of 1999, Lily had left Damian for good. She remarried Holden, and soon became pregnant with his child. But arch villain David Stenbeck kidnapped Lily, and she delivered a baby girl while she was his prisoner. Lily and her baby were eventually rescued, and Holden and Lily named their new daughter Hope. Months later, in a shocking plot twist, Lily and Holden learned that their baby had been switched at birth by David, who had kept their daughter for himself. In this touching episode, Lily and Holden are at last reunited with their true biological daughter.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Lesli Kay, Cassandra Creech, Elizabeth Hubbard, Maura West, Peter Parros, Eileen Fulton, Colleen Zenk and Benjamin Hendrickson.

Episode 8. The Imposter. September 6, 2000
Lily and Holden had finally found some peace, and were looking forward to a happy life together. Then, fate once again intervened, when Lily discovered an old photo of a woman who looked exactly like her. Lily became obsessed with finding the woman, and eventually tracked her down in Atlantic City, where she discovered that the woman, Rose D’Angelo, was working as a showgirl.

In one of show’s more unlikely plot developments, a strange twist of fate now delivered Lily to a deserted island, where she was marooned with Simon, a man who had been renovating her house. Meanwhile, Rose D’Angelo assumed Lily’s identity in Oakdale, where she managed to fool everyone.

In this episode, Holden has rescued Lily from the island, and they are together again. Lily is relieved and happy to be home, until she learns that her identity has been successfully assumed by an imposter for months.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Paul Leyden, Kristina Sisco, Lesli Kay, Tom Eplin, Jeremy Zelig, Kelley Menighan Hensley and Paul Korver.

Episode 9. Another Twist in the Road. December 5, 2005
By the fall of 2005, Lily had given birth to another daughter, Natalie, and Holden had adopted Luke. But Holden was ultimately unhappy in the marriage, and he moved out and started a relationship with Julia Larrabee. After Julia’s untimely death, Lily became romantically entangled with Julia's brother, Keith Morrisey. Just as it seemed that Lily might have found a new love, Luke's sudden kidney failure threw her back together with Holden, and she was reminded of how much she loved him.

In this episode, Lily longs to be with Holden again, but Keith is the only person who can find a kidney for Luke. He is willing to provide it, but it comes at a very high price indeed.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Maura West, Marie Wilson, Roger Howarth, Scott Holmes, Jennifer Ferrin, Grayson McCouch, Colleen Zenk and Elizabeth Hubbard.

Episode 10. Ever After. January 13, 2006
Although she nearly married Keith in order to save Luke, Lily begged Keith to release her from their arrangement, and he surprisingly agreed. Lily and Holden were able to reunite with their three children and start again. In this romantic episode, Lily and Holden renew their vows in front of their closest family and friends.

Principal Cast: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Van Hansis, Michael Park, Maura West, Elizabeth Hubbard, Grayson McCouch, Kathleen Widdoes, Benjamin Hendrickson and Kelley Menighan Hensley.

To order "The Story of Lily and Holden," visit You can also watch a free episode which features one of the most famous moments in Lily and Holden history.

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  6. Wow... what an incredible bonus episode! Not only the Lily and Holden events going on (which I won't spoil,) but we also have Kim dealing with her stalker, Frannie and Doug, and even some John, Bob, and Lisa thrown in for good measure! What I would give to see more from this era of the show!

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  8. Greg, glad you enjoyed. It was an unforgettable Lily and Holden moment but Holden is only on at the end so it didn't make the DVD but I wanted it to be the free episode. That was an amazing February sweeps (1986).

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