Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: SoapClassics Releases Carly & Jack "CarJack" AS THE WORLD TURNS DVD!

It's been the conventional wisdom for decades: daytime soap fans are intensely loyal. When We Love Soaps first began working with SoapClassics as they started re-releasing episodes of canceled daytime TV favorites, we were definitely counting on that loyalty--but so far, the enthusiasm of the soap fan community has exceeded even our expectations.

You'll remember that last fall, the SoapClassics partnership let us make a promise that helped us usher in 2012 as The Year of The Soap: as long as the fans keep up their amazing support, we'll keep the classic episodes coming.

So, after "AS THE WORLD TURNS Classics" received fantastic reception, we got "GUIDING LIGHT Classics" ready to release ahead of schedule--and even snuck in "Christmas in Oakdale" as a bonus for fans.

We got "The Reva Shayne Collection" ready for release even faster than we had planned, and now, another SoapClassics DVD collection, curated once again by We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb, is ready to be shared and enjoyed: a 10-episode "CarJack Collection" of AS THE TURNS episodes, featuring the love story of Carly Tenney and Jack Snyder.

You know the drill!  Visit SoapClassics.com to order--you can catch the first glimpse of the episode list below.  Most of all, be sure to keep on giving us your feedback and support!  What do you think of the choices for this collection?  And what would you like see next?  Please tell us in the Comments section, below.


Played by Emmy winners Maura West and Michael Park (currently winning rave reviews in Broadway's "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"), Carly and Jack captured fan's hearts from the very beginning. Their love story has been one of the most requested to be seen again.

The episodes follow the "CarJack" story from their first kiss in 1997 to their final wedding in 2010. An episode list below outlines what appears on the DVD. These episodes also feature many of the legendary ATWT actors fans came to love over the years including Martha Byrne, Larry Bryggman, Benjamin Hendrickson and Jon Hensley.

Episode 1: First Kiss. September 19, 1997
Sexual tension runs high as Carly and Jack share the first of many kisses to come.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Martha Byrne, Lesli Kay, Kathleen Widdoes, Jon Hensley, Kelley Menighan Hensley and Daniel Markel.

Episode 2: At Teague’s Cabin. January 29, 1998
One of the most intense scenes in the history of ATWT as Carly reveals details of her past to Jack.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Tom Wiggin, Ellen Dolan, Benjamin Hendrickson, Peter Parros and Elizabeth Hubbard.

Episode 3: A Very Happy New Year. December 31, 1998
Parker is born!

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Larry Bryggman and Annie Parisse.

Episode 4: The Compass. July 13, 1999.
At the boathouse, Jack gives Carly a compass so she can always find her way back to him.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Annie Parisse, Kathleen Widdoes, Larry Bryggman, Lesli Kay, Scott DeFreitas, John Loprieno and Keith Coulouris.

Episode 5: The Lie. December 12, 2000
Carly throws Julia's baby stocking into the fire place.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Annie Parisse, Ellen Dolan, Scott Holmes, Martha Byrne, Paul Taylor, Hunt Block, Terri Conn and Paul Leyden.

Episode 6: The Funhouse. April 23, 2002
Carly and Jack are reunited after her return from the spa.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Benjamin Hendrickson, Colleen Zenk, Anthony Herrera, Don Hastings, Tom Eplin, Craig Lawlor, Kristina Sisco and LesliKay.

Episode 7: Worth It All. June 9, 2003
Michael Park sings "Worth It All" in the background and Jack pamper's Carly.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Sara Ramirez, Benjamin Hendrickson, Martha Byrne, Ellen Dolan, Grayson McCouch, Jon Hensley, Jessica Dunphy and Elizabeth Hubbard.

Episode 8: Bringing Back Jack. November 24, 2004
Carly tries to help Jack regain his memory.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Sarah Joy Brown, Jon Hensley, Kathleen Widdoes, Mark Collier, Jennifer Ferrin, Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley and Helen Wagner.

Episode 9: Till Death Us Do Almost Part. September 25, 2007
Jack learns Carly is dying.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Terri Conn, Marie Wilson, Cady McClain, Roger Howarth, Trent Dawson, Austin Peck and Jon Hensley.

Episode 10: I Really, Really, Do. September 15, 2010
The final wedding.

Principal Cast: Maura West, Michael Park, Jon Lindstrom, Cady McClain, Lesli Kay, Scott Holmes, Jon Hensley, Jennifer Landon, Julie Pinson and Grayson McCouch.
There are many other exciting things in the works for fans of classic soaps so stay tuned. Keep making your voices heard and showing the world a market exists for this material.

After you order a copy of the new DVD at SoapClassics.com, check out a free episode featuring Carly and Jack in the wine cellar from June 1999. We wanted to include this one on the DVD but it was so close in date to the compass episode included (two weeks apart) that it seemed to work better as a teaser. Enjoy!

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  1. Just got it in my email and on website to order it! I loving this and signed up for the NL episodes...I'm in heaven...ATWT was pretty strong...2005 Hogan was on top of his game...another story now. Hogan likes "crazy" women...most female characters are board-line Babara, Emily, Will, Julia etc. but they were nothing like Y&R. I been watching those episodes more then the current ones on today! Roger a big thank you! At least I have one soap back now Guiding Light I'm waiting patiently.

  2. I'm noticing a trend..January, they released Classic GL, FEB..classic Reva, March...the new ATWT...I think they are doing monthly specials...Just waiting for Tony and Annabelle on GL...:) Thanks so much to soap classics!

  3. Next up should be a Manny set or a Bauer BBQ set. Although I would love Tony and Annabelle too. Actually I'm so grateful that we have any. I never thought we'd get this much too soon.

  4. I am so excited about this! Yep I ordered mine. CarJackers are in heaven today with some so important moments in CarJack history now on DVD! Thanks to all who made this happen.

    Plus all the great CarJack scenes there is so much included in the episodes that is really, really good! I can't wait to see the whole episodes!

  5. I been thinking on couples...ATWT there should be a James\Barbara from the start in 1980, Tom\Margo, Lily\Holden, Will\Gwen, John\Lucinda as for GL...Tony & Annabelle, David\Kat, Gilly\Hamp, Maureen\Ed, Tammy\Jonathan. Do a dvd of wicked triangle or quads. Both soaps had some outstanding twisted triangles...YUM...

  6. I'm not a fan of a lot of those couples. I would want Quint/Nola, Phillip/Beth, Alan/Hope from GL. On ATWT the original Tom/Margo, Lisa/Grant, Lily/Holden, Barbara/Gunnar.

  7. I'm totally loving these terrific ATWT & GL DVD videos--Yay!

    Brian :-)

  8. Hoping for an Otalia dvd next. Loving these dvds. Thanks for all of the hard work! :)

  9. I love, love, LOVE this CARJACK release!!! But still...more than anything I want to see episodes from as far back as they have online to stream. I'll pay for it - I swear!!! I want to see ATWT from as far back as I can one episode at a time. I started watching in Feb of 2000 so I would love to see continuing storylines with these characters that I love. That having been said....I'm thankful for anything they put out!

  10. I'd love a Will and Gwen DVD. Or one with Dusty and Paul fighting over Rose, ending with her wedding day. But I would buy any ATWT DVDs! I still miss this show, especially around the holidays. I still think about the Hubbard squash every Thanksgiving!

  11. I've got a lot of affection for a number of ATWT characters, especially Barbara, Lily/Holden, Tom/Margo, Lucinda, Lisa, Bob/Kim, Luke/Noah/Reid, Katie. Would love collections for these characters, especially Barbara. Love from the UK!!