Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teen Actress Jillian Clare Signs Up For GORGEOUS; Web Soap Coming Summer 2012

The SFN -- the online television network -- has announced that actress Jillian Clare has been cast as Maci Vanowen, the self-proclaimed queen of makeup and high fashion, whose business instincts have turned her hobby into a small cottage industry in the upcoming teen web soap GORGEOUS.

Clare, who portrayed troubled pre-teen Abby Deveraux on NBC's daytime soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES, can currently be seen in the Emmy nominated Victorious movie Freak The Freak Out on Nickelodeon, and is producer and star of the multi award-winning web series MISS BEHAVE. You can catch her on the telecast of the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards which airs on The SFN on March 18.

"Jillian is the perfect Maci Vanowen," said Stewart St. John who, along with Todd Fisher, created the teen soap. "She's a strong actress who will bring dimension to the character... making Maci someone who is not only beautiful, but interesting and compelling."

"GORGEOUS is an incredibly fun, lipstick and gloss show with some good classic drama thrown into the mix," said Fisher. "Not only do we explore the rivalry between Maci and her cousin Ashley who arrives in Beverly Hills from the wrong side of the tracks, but we also explore the relationships of these girls and their mothers -- so it's a show that has conflict, depth and major drama."

The series will be in production end of April and into May, with a debut set for Summer 2012.

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