Monday, January 23, 2012

Kirsten Storms Not Returning To GENERAL HOSPITAL As Planned; Jen Lilley Continues As Maxie

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kirsten Storms will not be resuming the role of Maxie Jones next month after all, according to Soaps In Depth. "Kirsten Storms will not be able to return as soon as originally hoped and announced," a rep for the show said. "Jen Lilley will continue to play Maxie Jones for the foreseeable future."

"I'm sad [Kirsten] is still sick," Lilley tweeted. "Rest up love! I'll keep Maxie kickin :) xo Here's to a bit more time on my favorite soap!"

Look for our new interview with Indie Soap Award nominee Bradford Anderson coming soon. When we spoke last week, he was still expecting Storms back on the show by this week.

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  1. jen while you are doing a fine job upholding the spot of maxie, i really miss you kirsten and hope you get better soon....xoxoxoxo!!

    pembroke, ma

  2. there is no MAXIE if Kirsten Storms is not portraying her. I HATE that her replacement is getting good story to act out. BUT all I keep thinking is how would the REAL Maxie play this out. I am not a young viewer. I am sadly 44 and love Kirsten as Maxie. All this material with Anthony makes me sad that we have to watch a substitute get this material. I appreciate the work the replacement is doing she just is NOT Maxie Jones.

  3. The new actress is ok give the character Maxi a new look and character I'm pretty sure ms.storm will be back one day.

  4. I miss Kristen Storms soooo much. She is such a good actress. The other one Jen,I just can't get used to her as Maxie. I hope Kristen returns soon and hope she is better soon. She is so cute and bubbley.

  5. The character of Maxie is not Maxie without Kirsten Storms - sorry but her replacement does not hold a candle - I cannot express this strongly enough - Please bring Kirsten back

  6. kirsten.i also have dealt with what you are now dealing with,took long time to get over and to accept it,but take your time it will get better,i wish you all the luck in the world,but dont give up,you got to get back to what you love doing to help heal.your self.miss you much as maxie and look forward to your return,but health comes first,so god speed and even though i dont know you personally,i wish you a full healthy life.god speed

  7. I am not happy that Kirsten is not returning as Maxie. Jen is doing a good job, but Maxie is just not Maxie. I am going to be 65 in 2 months and I just miss the real Maxie so much. I hope Kirsten gets well soon.

    Linda G.

  8. Jen is doing a good job, but I too wish kirsten was able to have the great storylines. Miss her, Feel better real soon.

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