Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kirsten Storms On Her Way Back To GENERAL HOSPITAL; On Air Late February

Kirsten Storms will return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Maxie at the end of this month according to soapoperadigest.com. Storms, who was named one of We Love Soaps Most Fascinating People of 2011, will begin airing in late February.

"We are thrilled that Kirsten will be back to work in just a few short weeks," a show spokesperson told Digest. "And we thank Jen Lilley for the wonderful job she did in Kirsten's absence."

Storms has been on medical leave since September.

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  1. Jen lilley seems to be a nice girl and she is a really good actress. But when the spirit of a character has already been created by someone its hard to replace that. So thats why I am happy to hear Kirsten is better and ready to return as Maxie

  2. I must agree that although Jen Lilley has done a great job, it just isn't the same. Hurry back Kirsten !