Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: New Collection of Five Christmas Episodes of AS THE WORLD TURNS On Sale Now Ahead of "Black Friday"

When a four-disc, 20-episode AS THE WORLD TURNS DVD collection appeared on the market just last month, SoapClassics, the Manhattan firm behind the iconic drama's return promised something extraordinary: as long as there is interest from consumers, they promised, they will bring back more and more classic P&G soap opera episodes.

They kept their promise.  In response to energetic sales and enthusiastic fans, SoapClassics has put together a surprise gift for us this holiday season.  The second collection of classic P&G soap opera episodes is already here, with the release a 5-episode ATWT Christmas DVD.  Now that's a stocking stuffer!

The President of Soap Classics, Mark Yates, explains saying, "Because the fans are so fond of these characters, we thought they would appreciate an opportunity to reunite with them at Christmas. We loved these characters too, and we wanted this disc to be kind of like going to a Christmas party with all our old ATWT friends. We think the fans will really enjoy it."

It's not just that the new release is timed to coincide with the Christmas shopping season. Every episode in the new collection is one of ATWT's celebrated, special Christmas productions from the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s.  For example, the 1985 Christmas Eve show, included, is considered by many fans to be the best holiday episode in the show's final 30 years. It featured, among many other highlights, John Wesley Shipp's brilliant Douglas Cummings character.

Below is a list of the episodes that appear in this collection, which will sell for $12.95:

Episode 1: Christmas Eve, and a Birthday (December 24, 1985)
From Lucinda's mansion to the Snyder farm, the residents of Oakdale gather at various locations to celebrate Christmas Eve with their loved ones.

The Hughes family has an extra reason to celebrate, as it is also Frannie's (Emmy winner Julianne Moore) birthday. Even a mysterious gift cannot dampen the mood as carolers arrive to serenade the group.

* This was Don MacLaughlin's last Christmas appearance.

Episode 2: Waiting For News (December 24, 1992)
Margo Hughes (Ellen Dolan) has had a tragic year. Even as family members pop in, offering Christmas tidings, she anxiously awaits news from her doctor. Will a phone call lift her spirits?

Her mother-in-law, Lisa (Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Eileen Fulton), was reunited with her son, Scott (Joseph Breen), earlier in the year. On this day, for the first time, calls her “Mother”.

* This was the final Christmas episode written by Douglas Marland which was early in Mary Kay Adams run as Neal and the end of Heather Rattray's as Lily.

Episode 3: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (December 25, 1995)
The families of Oakdale celebrate the holiday with gatherings at Tom and Margo's (Scott Holmes and Ellen Dolan) house and Damian and Lily's (Paolo Seganti and Emmy winner Martha Byrne) where it's Luciano's first Christmas.

As the Hughes family settles in Bob (Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Don Hastings) reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to both the kids and the adults.

* The cast dancing at the end of this one is quite hilarious.

Episode 4: Family Reunions (December 26, 2000)
Lisa, Kim, Bob and Nancy aren't really in the Christmas spirit this year - until Chris surprises them with Penny's (Rosemary Prinz) arrival.

Over at Tom and Margo's house, Lyla (Anne Sward) has returned for a visit in hopes of talking Katie (Emmy nominee Terri Conn) out of her sham marriage to Simon (Emmy nominee Paul Leyden).

* This episode features some wonderful 1960s Christmas flashbacks.

Episode 5: The Dollhouse (December 21, 2007)
Lucinda, Natalie and Faith are entranced by a dollhouse they see in a storefront window in Old Town. Faith (Ashley Greiner) wishes the toys could come to life like magic. Lucinda (Emmy winner Elizabeth Hubbard) tells her that on Christmas anything is possible.

In this very special Christmas, Oakdale's stories are represented by the lives of dolls.

* This was the only episode in the last several years of the show where the entire cast was together and singing like many of the older shows.

Order your AS THE WORLD TURNS Christmas DVD by clicking on the banner at the top of this page or by visiting SoapClassics.com or Amazon.com.

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  1. Great news! Even greater news: No shipping costs. Not even to the Netherlands. :)

  2. So happy to hear this!

  3. Thank Thank so much can't wait to get mine. Thank you so much.

  4. I was hoping for some Guiding Light DVDs for the holidays!!!

  5. Me too, sentieri! My faves were Lujack/Nick/Roger, so Xmas '84 (when Beth regained her sight) and Xmas/NYE '95 (when Roger had a wonderful visit with his children and Susan came out of her coma to Nick's marriage proposal) would be tops on my GL gift list! 2012 will be our year! :)

  6. They should just release all of the Marland years of ATWT; I'd snap them up in a heartbeat!

  7. Wonderful news! I will be ordering mine today. Long may the ATWT DVDs continue...

  8. Wow! This latest ATWT video deal is the bomb--yay! :-)

  9. This is great news! Another Christmas for me underneath the Christmas Tree! Keep the ATWT DVD releases coming!

  10. Thank you Roger for this, really need it, my mom recently past away, she loved ATWT and GL. Hope to see more, But my Christmas wish is to have them back on TV and the Classic episodes. Missed them around the holidays, use to wrap present. When they would tell their Christmas stories. Bless you.

  11. This is awesome. You have no idea how long I've been looking for the 2000 one... Not only does it star the amazing Rosemary Prinz and Anne Sward, but I believe it also stars the now-famous Amanda Seyfried as Lucy?

    Let's remember guys, as long as we keep buying these DVD's, they'll keep selling more... Not that you needed any more motivation...

  12. Bram, you are correct. Mary Beth Evans and Amanda Seyfried are included on the 2000 Christmas episode.

  13. @Mark How do you figure there are no shipping costs to the Netherlands? I'm trying to order right now and there are shipping costs involved (more than the dvd itself, but it's still worth it). Was it a one-day thing or something?

  14. I recieved my dvd friday.I loved every classic christmas episode on it.Can't wait for the next set.

  15. Finally, a Neal Alcott episode released on DVD!!!!! I wish I could see the whole storyline from the very beginning. My fingers are crossed for the streaming video.

  16. I placed an order on November 23 and received a notice that it was shipped on November 28,but have not received it. I've tried to contact Soap Classics, but don't think the emails went through. There is no phone number. It was for over $50. There is no info on the carrier they shipped it by and no tracking info. Can anyone help me?epicker