Thursday, October 13, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: We Reveal the 20 Episodes Chosen for the First AS THE WORLD TURNS DVD Collection

AS THE WORLD TURNS is coming to DVD! What great news for fans of ATWT and all soaps. Big sales of these DVDs could convince a lot of people that soap fans want their classic soaps on DVD, on TV, online, anywhere we can get them.  We hope fans of all soaps will check out this collection of classic episodes.

We Love Soaps can exclusively reveal the 20 full episodes that will be appearing on the ATWT DVD collection (on four discs). From Peter Simon's Ian McFarland collapsing at the Ed Sullivan Theater to some of the most beautiful and romantic weddings ever on daytime television, this collection has something for everyone--comedy, drama, intrigue, mystery, romance and groundbreaking storylines.

View the episode list below broken out by the category for each disc:

Disc 1: Great Weddings
Episode 1: Tom Hughes Marries Margo Montgomery (June 1, 1983)
Episode 2: Steve Andropolous Marries Betsy Stewart (May 31, 1984)
Episode 3: Bob Hughes marries Kim Andropolous (April 12, 1985)
Episode 4: Holden Snyder Marries Lily Walsh (January 12, 1998)
Episode 5: Jack Snyder Marries Carly Tenney (July 3, 2003)

Disc 2: Secrets and Scandals
Episode 1: Bob and Dana Face the Music (September 29, 1979)
Episode 2: Lily Learns a Shattering Truth (June 24, 1987)
Episode 3: Something About Carly (August 2, 1999)
Episode 4: The Explosive Truth. (June 18, 2001).
Episode 5: Luke Comes Out (May 9, 2006)

Disc 3: Oakdale Through the Years
Episode 1: The 30th Anniversary Show. ( April 2, 1986)
Episode 2: The 40th Anniversary Show. ( April 2, 1996)
Episode 3: The 50th Anniversary Show. (April 3, 2006)
Episode 4: Christmas at the Snyder Farm. (December 25, 2009)
Episode 5: Bob and Kim Hughes’ 25th Anniversary. (April 5, 2010)

Disc 4: Villains and Vixens
Episode 1: John Dixon Takes a Fall.  (May 14, 1981)
Episode 2: The Return of James Stenbeck. (November 7, 1986)
Episode 3: When Villain Meets Vixen. (March 20, 1987)
Episode 4: Humiliation. (April 15, 1996)
Episode 5: The Trials of Barbara Ryan. (July 22, 2002)


  1. this is fantastic news. i know i will definitely be buying a copy. i hope there is a lot of interest so there can be more collections like this. having the soaps available this way is terrific for sure. nice work Roger and all who helped make this possible

  2. Definitely looks like something worth buying! A soap fan has worked on compiling this, haven't they? ;-)

    Looking forward to getting this!

  3. GREAT cross-segment of eps! Nice job, Roger!!!

  4. Thanks, Tom. I really wanted a 1979 episode in because there is NOTHING like it on YouTube. The Joffrey Ballet at the Ed Sullivan Theater (I mean the Oakdale Theater LOL). GL's Peter Simon is featured in that one and some great Grant and Lisa.

  5. I can't wait for these. Can we pre-order NOW!!!

    Thanks for posting We Love Soaps!

  6. IMPRESSIVE ROGER...WOW...I do understand why you didn't include Holden & Lily's 1st wedding with Heather, she wasn't Lily. Boy you could of done a whole wedding segment of CarJack. Some of these episodes we'll see Julianne Moore and so many vets. To bad you couldn't a 5th CD on Vile Lilth, Joanne Coleman, of James the best is when you locked Barbara in the bullring..loved it or John raping Dee, maybe that is included in John Dixon Takes a Fall (May 14, 1981). Is that his trial when he walked in alive or am I confusing 2 John story-lines? Births of characters...oh hell that is the next batch...LOL

  7. This DVD set is extremely exciting, however I confess to one very deep disappointment. Christmas 2009 at the Snyder Farm? Huh???? Any chance that is a type-o and you mean 2008? 2008 was much-much-much more worthy. What gives? I honestly would like to know the thinking behind that decision. Thank you.

  8. Hi Cheryl, I'm not sure how much I can say about the selection process but I will find out and get back to you! :) In some cases it was a matter of including characters that might not appear otherwise or in others the categories for the discs were developed and changed over time.

    But I do think Bob narrating the final Christmas in Oakdale was poignant even though it wasn't my favorite Christmas show.

    Hopefully there's something for everyone in these 20 shows.

  9. Been thinking some more - and actually 2007 (where Luke walks again) and 2008 (the Victorian doll house) are both sooooo much better than 2009. I really hope that those two excellent Christmas episodes can be included in future sets. 2009 was not at all impressive (in fact, it was pretty awful)....sorry, but that is the way I (and, I suspect many others) feel.

  10. Thank you for replying, Roger. I really would appreciate hearing more from you about this. Do you have a sense if any further ATWT sets are anticipated? I would assume that depends greatly on sales..... Thanks again, Roger!

  11. Cheryl, I think I can say with certainly that if this sells well, we'll see more. I have some more scoops that I'm posting later tonight about the future of this.

  12. Which 50th Anniversary show is included; "The Seven Divas" or the ATWT characters in classic CBS sitcoms?

  13. Love everything! Thanks so much for doing this for the fans?

    One little question--is there any Henry Coleman. I loved the character and Trent Dawson is such a good actor.

    Do you think there will be more DVDs in the future?

  14. Ron, the Seven Divas honoring Nancy Hughes.

  15. Start with the first show.

  16. It looks like it's a collection of great episodes. It's impossible to make everyone 100% happy, but I think a lot of people will be happy.

    Do you know more yet about if these dvd's are region 1 or maybe region free?

  17. Very exciting possibilities for the future! A Lisa DVD set....a Henry DVD set, etc. Of course, sets dedicated to classic couples would be brilliant - Holden and Lily, Luke and Noah, Jack and Carly.... Hope that these things happen!

  18. Oh, and the Trials of Barbara? Is that the episode where she jumps out of the courtroom window? One of my favorite moments. :P

  19. Mark, I asked some very specific questions about that and it won't appear in the interview tonight but it will be 100% clarified tomorrow for you.

  20. Thanks Roger. I think I'll buy a copy anyway. I'll just find a way to watch it if it's region 1. :P

  21. This is wonderful news, Roger! :-) You've made my day! :-)

  22. Awesome!!Thanks, Roger, for doing this. I have missed my "second-family" since 9/10. These are at the op of my Christmas list--

  23. VERY EXCITING !!!! I can't wait to get them !!!! i would love to have every episode ???? ( not just the ones listed - but to start watching them all over again from the start!!!) GREAT JOB !!!! Where can we buy them??

  24. FAB, I havent been this excited since Roger the scandal years and reva the scarlet years!

  25. i'm *really* hoping that someone will release the whole series (and "guiding light" too) starting with the very first seasons (maybe even the radio shows!) and release them a few seasons at a time. then we can fill in places we never saw.

  26. Please make sure that it is available to the Canadian fans.I miss ATWT and GL.