Thursday, September 1, 2011

Susan Lucci: Ending is Classic ALL MY CHILDREN, Hopes to Continue With Show

In a new interview with, Susan Lucci shares her excitement about the ending of the ABC version of ALL MY CHILDREN on September 23.

"To me, knowing how Agnes [Nixon] writes, it was not shocking that she would do that. Like any great novel, when you put it down you say, 'Well, then what?' I knew she wouldn't tie it up in a neat bow, and she really didn't. There are several cliff-hangers."

"We did not wrap everything up with people fading into the sunset with happy endings," Nixon added. It's a continued story and the last episode, we think, will make people want to come back very much to get some answers!"

Add Jordi Vilasuso in a separate interview, "I think it's hard to wrap up 42 years in 40 minutes."

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  1. i hate all my children is leaving and i want be able to watch it on line,because i can't get high speed internet. abc it's just not fair. please put it back on tv somewhere.

  2. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. There alright for a book or a 2 hour movie but when I watch a tv show for years I don't want to be left hanging. I want closure.

  3. Well when AMC signs off on ABC, I'll be there. After the sign off, I will be signing off from ABC myself for good (like so many others). I await January 16th to return to Pine Valley and be rejoined with my very favorite soap again! It doesn't end, it continues!