Monday, September 19, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Eva La Rue Bracing For End Of AMC, Robert S. Woods as Castle's Father, J.R. Ewing

Eva La Rue Bracing Herself For The End Of ALL MY CHILDREN On ABC
“I’m going to be watching every single episode,” she said. “I’m going to be watching it all from work in my trailer. I feel like I grew up there. [I spent] the better part of my adult life there; I got married there; I had my daughter there. Some of my closest friends, [I met there]. I watched it when I was a kid. My mom watched it when I was little.”

Nathan Fillion would love for Robert S. Woods to play Castle's father
"There are tons of people I would love to see, but less than famous and more personal for me, I would like to see the guy who played my uncle on my first job, my first soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Bob Woods. He played my uncle Bo [Buchanan]. I'd love to see him come in and play my dad. For me, that's ... personal. That man actually means something to me. He's the fellow that said, "Hey man, you've got to wrap up this soap and move to L.A. You're gonna do well out there." He's the one who sat me down and gave me the courage to pick up and leave New York when they offered me an extended contract."

Jesse Metcalfe says fans won't be disappointed with new DALLAS
"Larry at 80 years old hasn't lost a beat," he says. "He's still a great actor, just deliciously mischievous, he really nails it. That character was totally unscrupulous but people loved him for it. He was conniving, manipulative, womanising, and people loved to watch him on screen."

What Gloria Steinem Got Wrong About THE PLAYBOY CLUB
For all the bad publicity over skimpy Bunny costumes framing ample cleavage on network TV, the series' pilot proves that the outrage was monumentally overblown and that the show is actually rather tame.

3D and Advertising
There seems to be a crisis of information now going on with the makers of 3D TVs. At first 3D was heavily touted, in fact it was made the lynchpin of the product — “Buy this set because it has 3D!” was the cry. This mantra has petered out quickly, and now 3D is often noted more as an afterthought.

Julianne Moore on ageing joyfully
No, I haven't had anything done. See, I have lines right here," she says, pointing to faint creases around her eyes and mouth." Moore puts down her fork, pausing to twist her hair into a bun, then traces her chin with her fingers. "There are things about my face that I'm not crazy about, but you are who you are. It seems like everybody has done work; I see a lot of it, but I don't think it looks any better - you're not going to suddenly look 25."

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