Monday, September 19, 2011

WLS Interview Archive: Taylor Miller

Longtime soap fans will never forget Taylor Miller's run on ALL MY CHILDREN as Nina Cortlandt Warner. Her pairing with Peter Bergman's Cliff is one of the most memorable in daytime history. Miller created the role of Nina in 1979 and played the role off and on until 1989. She returned in the mid-1990s a couple of times, and in 2010 for the soap's 40th anniversary and then for a tribute to the late James Mitchell (Palmer). Miller also played Sally Frame on ANOTHER WORLD for a year during a break from AMC.

For the past 20 years, Miller has been raising her two children in Chicago and occasionally performing in plays or acting in films. The role she played in her most recent film, Hannah Free, was a huge departure from Nina and she is winning rave reviews. Miller spoke with We Love Soaps in December 2009 about her days as a soap star, her other roles, life as a mom, and seeing both her children off to college.

In Part One, Miller shared stories about landing the role of Nina and handling instant fame.

In Part Two, the actress discussed leaving ALL MY CHILDREN the first time, her stint on ANOTHER WORLD, and why she left AMC again in the late 1980s.

In Part Three, Miller describes her experience working on her new film, Hannah Free, and the response she received when she asked to return to ALL MY CHILDREN.

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