Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FLASHBACK: August 1973, 1974, 1975 - What Was Popular In The Soap World

What was popular in the soap world in the mid-1970s? Daytime TV magazine used to do a fan poll each month and soap fans would check the polls as soon as they got their copies to find where their favorites ranked. They also included a Nielsen ratings update which was always interesting to compare to the fan poll. In the Flashback pages below, we take a look at what shows and actors were popular in August 1973, 1974 and 1975. FYI: It was a different soap each August.

Some of the actors are now indie soap stars (Janice Lynde, Denise Alexander) while some are still popular on daytime soaps (Susan Flannery, Bill and Susan Hayes). Other has passed away. They all were making an impact with fans at the time.

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August 1973

August 1974

August 1975

- FLASHBACK: Great Courtroom Trials - ALL MY CHILDREN's Jeff Martin
- FLASHBACK: Great Courtroom Trials - GUIDING LIGHT's Leslie Bauer
- FLASHBACK: Great Courtroom Trials - ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Larry Wolek
- FLASHBACK: The Love Story of Phil Brent & Tara Martin on ALL MY CHILDREN
- FLASHBACK: The Love Story of Steve Frame & Alice Matthews on ANOTHER WORLD
- FLASHBACK: The Love Story of Bob & Kim (& Jennifer & John) on AS THE WORLD TURNS
- FLASHBACK: Ellen Holly's "Living a White Life -- for a While" 1969

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