Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Rave Reviews For Zimmer, Pantless Michael Muhney with iPhone, DARK SHADOWS on GHOST HUNTERS

Kim Zimmer electric as faded movie goddess in Barn's 'Sunset Boulevard'
"Headlining Tuesday’s Barn opening was film and television star Kim Zimmer portraying faded movie diva Norma Desmond with intelligence and verve. An icon of the silent-film era, Norma fell from fan favor when the talkies swept over the movie-making industry. Zimmer’s six previous lead roles at the Barn confirmed she has the chops and charisma to breathe life into the half-crazed, half-goddess qualities of Norma. Zimmer is electric in the part."

Y&R's Michel Muhney, sans pants, on the "Guys with iPhones" website
Just shows his legs but if you are at work, be warned about the ads on this page.

DARK SHADOWS featured on upcoming GHOST HUNTERS episode
In the third episode of GHOST HUNTERS on Syfy called “Dark Shadows,” fans of the cult-classic soap get to experience the first-ever paranormal investigation of Seaview Terrace, the location where the long-running gothic soap opera was filmed and where the Ghost Hunters team encounters the loudest evidence they’ve ever heard.

Krista Allen Joins TNT's Perception
Allen will play Allison Bannister, a wealthy alumna/widow who is a fan of Pierce's work. Naturally, university administrators will use Pierce to convince Bannister to fund the construction of a new life sciences building on campus.


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