Monday, August 1, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: B&B's Brandon Beemer to appear on CSI: MIAMI, James Franco will do GH at some point, Felicity Huffman's audition

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Brandon Beemer has been cast as CSI: MIAMI gigolo for an upcoming episode. DOCTOR WHO show runner Steven Moffat commented on the lack of gay content on the show saying, "It's the one criticism I've ever listened to." James Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL: "I do have plans to do other stuff with them." He's just not sure when he can fit it in. Felicity Huffman got DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES role for unusual reason. THE PLAYBOY CLUB will be more 'fun' than racy, an executive says.

B&B's Brandon Beemer cast as CSI: MIAMI gigolo
Beemer (who plays Owen on B&B) will appear in the second episode of the show's 10th season, playing a gigolo named Derek Vaughn. Derek is perhaps a bit too good at his job, when his popularity with the ladies proves to be a fatal flaw.

DOCTOR WHO show runner Steven Moffat on the lack of gay content: "It's the One Criticism I've Ever Listened To"
"Someone pointed out to me [that] in the previous DOCTOR WHO, the first one I had run, there were no gay or bisexual characters and I was sort of slightly appalled. I was thinking, I’m not like that at all. I would never have done that. So I was thinking, “Dammit, it’s the one criticism I’ve ever listened to. Good point, Doctor Who should always be…" It’s not because it’s politically and morally correct. It’s right for DOCTOR WHO, isn’t it? It’s cheeky and off-centered. And fun.

James Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL: "I do have plans to do other stuff with them"
"I'm sad to say that that was a little bit of misinformation," James said. "I don't know why they announced that I would be back in September. I am currently making The Wizard of Oz in Detroit. I am the lead. I am working every day, so I don't know when I would be able to fly back to do any episodes of General Hospital in the near future. I'm very close with them and I do have plans to do other stuff with them."

Colombian writer Dago Garcia to launch new film
The soap opera master has titled his project El Escritor de Telenovelas (The Writer of Telenovelas) and will be filming in Bogota. The film is rumored to star Mikhail Mulkay and heartthrob Juan Pablo Posada.

Felicity Huffman got DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES role for unusual reason
On the day of her audition, she was trying to get her two children - ages 2 and 3 - out of the bathtub and get herself ready to meet "Desperate Housewives" creator/executive producer Marc Cherry.

"You know, two small kids, and - as I've said before - motherhood does not come naturally to me," Huffman said. "So I pulled myself together, and I blow dried my hair, and I put on nice clothes, and I looked great. I drove there in the rain. I sat there. They said, 'Come in and read.' I came in and read. I got the part. I was very excited."

TCA: THE PLAYBOY CLUB more 'fun' than racy, executive says
"In terms of content, it will be mild," said executive producer Ian Biederman. "These are characters who are in a certain time and certain place. The show will be a lot of fun, it will have a ton of music and lots of energy."

TCA: THE PLAYBOY CLUB Will Be About Female Empowerment ... And Sex
Eddie Cibrian is among the show's cast after he replaced Jeff Hephner. "You know, we're just very excited about Eddie playing the role," exec producer Chad Hodge said. "And changes are made all the time after table reads. We just felt this was a change we wanted to do."

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