Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Years Ago: MTV Went On The Air, 13 Daytime Soaps Aired

MTV went on the air 30 years ago today at 12:01 a.m. It was a Saturday morning and the previous week, 13 daytime soaps had aired on ABC, CBS and NBC. That's more than double the six we have today. Here's a look at what happened that week on the soaps:

THE DOCTORS: Greta miscarried. Billy (Alec Baldwin) joined forces with Nola (Kim Zimmer) against Mona. Althea's mystery patient called out Althea's name. Natalie played Jack against Jerry for her affections. Matt fumed when Maggie won a research grant. Mona ordered her lawyer, Edmund, to go over Jason's will. Barney planned to trace his family's roots in Ireland.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Brandon finally asked Sara for a divorce, but Sara dampened Erica's parade by vowing a long fight. Wally refused Devon in bed. Jesse returned with Carl and agreed to attend summer school. Sybil failed to win Rick's attention away from Betsy. Langley contemplated murdering Phoebe. One of Palmer's pistols was stolen. Palmer picked a verbal fight with Cliff at his dinner party, then dangled the Dobermans in front of Daisy. Phoebe believed she recognized Monique. Palmer discussed his will with Sean. Devon told Betsy she thinks Wally has found another lady love. Cliff and Nina purchased a house.

ANOTHER WORLD: Joey and Kit declared their love. Blaine testified against Jess and Jason, but failed to convince Jason to turn state's evidence. Mac walked in on Hannah and Lenny holding Jamie captive. Cecile caught up with Sandy and maneuvered him out of the clinic. Mr. Black's assistant ordered Denny to compile dossiers on Alice, Mac, Jamie, Rick and Taylor. He also warned Denny to halt Larry and Jerry's investigation of Mr. Black. The police cleared Blaine and Melissa of blame for syndicate dealings. Jerry paid off Kit's loan. Hannah almost seduced Jamie. Jess promoted Jason.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Cricket discovered she's pregnant. Margo ordered Barbara to divorce James. John warned Dee he'd block their divorce. Lucy investigated John's hit-and-run. Annie told Larry she's pregnant, but avoided telling Jeff. Larry assured Jeff he's not serious about Annie. Brad accused Tom of stalling John and Dee's divorce. Dr. Wallace pursued Marilyn, who eyed Larry. Kim was overprotective of Betsy. James plotted revenge on John. John resumed his medical practice. Rick became Larry's assistant.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jessica formed a sleazy alter ego, named Angel. Jessica kept mum that she was evicted from the convent and continued to sport a nun's habit. Alex lost consciousness before he could name his assailant. Stuart and Neil remained secretive about Maggie's child, which Stuart fathered unbeknownst to Evan. Evan comforted Maggie after the press had fun with her pregnancy. Marlena received an ominous note. Liz pressed Don to marry her pronto. Ted experienced depression. Jake pursued "Angel." Marie asked Marlena to treat Jessica. Trish put off marrying Mike. Renee publicized David's secret.

EDGE OF NIGHT: Sky, who is indeed Jefferson Brown, hired hit man Romeo Slade to make Raven a dead bird. Sky had also used the identity of Jim Diedrickson when Valerie had fallen for him in Switzerland. Miles and Damien warned Gunther to shape up after Gunther tried to rape Jody. Sky taunted Gunther about Roxanne, Gunther's institutionalized ex-flame. Kelly accepted Gavin and Jody's romance. Marline consulted Mike about divorcing Collier. Damien was suspicious of Carlo. Gunther roughed up Chrissy. Kenneth died.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lee twisted district attorney Hank Robbins' arm to seek Hutch's parole. Sara visited Heather. Big Ralph threatened Toby. Alexandria resented Mikkos, Tony's older brother, who awaits the Titan's guests on his island. Luke and Robert floored a yacht mate, but Victor suspected Max. Luke masqueraded as a mate. Robert was positive Victor has the formula. Lesley and Rick smelled a government coverup about Laura's connection to O'Reilly. Alan, who searched for Susan, hired Larry to manage the disco. Rose disappeared when Hutch befriended Mike. Lee helped Lesley and Rick investigate Laura's whereabouts.

GUIDING LIGHT: Kelly and Morgan reconciled after Bea proved Kelly didn't impregnate Nola. Hillary surmised Floyd is the daddy. Diane hired Carrie Todd, a figure from her past. Mike unwittingly lifted the blackmail money Vanessa left for Andy, and convinced Vanessa to help the police catch the blackmailer. Barbara and Henry became chummy. Ross clamored for more company shares behind Diane's back. Diane and Joe buried the hatchet. Vanessa told Sara she knows about Alan and Rita's affair. Nola, who considered an abortion, vowed to win Kelly back. Ross impaired Amanda's emotional progress.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Meg, a Llanview teen, introduced mysterious young Cassie Howard around town. Pat and Clint discovered a man's skeleton and a bullet hole in Olympia's coffin. Ted increased Viki's drug dosage. Peter planned a death bed marriage to Jenny after his marriage to Melinda was annulled. Steve had Karen's informant rubbed out. Viki mistook Ted for Joe. Edwina resented Ted's snide insinuations about Pat and Clint's Houston trip. Asa spirited Olympia back to Moorecliffe. Asa and Clint had a showdown, then had each other followed. Pat and Clint confided to Rafe about Olympia. Tina accused Johnny of neglecting her. Will recommended Viki go to a clinic.

RYAN'S HOPE: Joe saved the day and prevented Orson from annihilating Jack. Kim offered to sell Rae her baby, then robbed Rae's safe and split to Michael's houseboat. Seneca noticed Rae's obsession with raising Kim's child. Faith dated Jim. Moe and Alexi competed for ultimate mob control.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Ted learned that FBI nailed Jamie, Liza and Travis made up on the Q.E. II. Travis refused to sell the jade to Sylvie. Brian, who ran from his gun-blasting tormentors, called Stephanie's house but hung up. Jo and Martin vacationed in New Orleans, where Mignon is planning a boutique.

TEXAS: Paige cleared Dennis after Elena gave her Joe's confession to killing Chris. Justin proposed to Ashley. Peter caught up with Joe, who asked Elena to flee Houston with him. Max rightly sensed that Justin faked a report stating that Max's oil is Lurleen's. Justin warned Bubba to stop chasing Lurleen's skirt. Paige nixed divorcing Dennis an adultery grounds. Ruby managed Rikki's career. Nita's baby became ill. Reena and Ashley clashed. Paige assured Eliot she's not sacking out with Peter. Steve, unsure of Ryan, decided to attend summer camp.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lorie crashed Leslie's London gala. Jean-Paul, Simone's brother, offered to option Lorie's book for the silver screen. Jack sent Patty back to Danny after she admitted she's only 17. Chris hired a decorator without consulting Snapper. Victor hinted to Douglas that the Prentiss property is a national security issue. Vanessa squealed to Lucas that Lorie is making a pitch for Lance. Lucas decided to take Brooks to Hawaii with Jonas. Two society matrons belittled Liz at the royal London affair. Jill fretted that Jack's involvement with Patty would harm the company.

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