Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REVIEW: Awesome Aidan 5 Apes Bladerunner, Avatar, Archer

Web Series: AIDAN 5

For fans of...: Bladerunner; ARCHER

What it is: Human clones may be more trouble than they're worth in the stylishly dangerous city-of-tomorrow.

What's good: Groundbreaking technical achievements for a short-format indie series.

What's great: It looks amazing. Furthermore, the marriage of charcoal-drawing and noir-film aesthetics lends so much to the emotional appeal, it's almost another character in itself.

What could be better: Just beef up the good-ole-fashioned writing and we could have another A. The narrative arc is, at times, fragile and maudlin—and, after nine episodes, I wish we were a little closer to solving the original crime.

Addictive like...: Riding Space Mountain

Grade: B

Review based on: Episodes 1-9

See for yourself!
- Official Website -
- AIDAN 5 on YouTube

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