Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEWS: Joseph Mascolo, Deidre Hall, Terry Pheto, Rob Bogue

Joseph Mascolo: Still loving the bad guy
"I guess DAYS gave me the opportunity to create a role that went on, hell, a life of its own, and one the audience seemed to be interested in. I come back because of that same audience,” Mascolo explains.

Deidre Hall to appear on DROP DEAD DIVA
"Big News! I'm going to Atlanta to do a cameo in DROP DEAD DIVA! Guess what my character's name is?? Deidre Hall! Yes, I'm playing myself. I'll let you know when it airs."

Erik Fellows to star in vampire remake Dance of the Damned
The handsome 29-year-old will be taking on the role originated by Cyril O'Reilly as a vampire who yearns to learn what it's like to live in the daylight and ends up finding companionship with a suicidal stripper he has taken hostage.

Actress Alice Playten Dies In Hospital
The beloved Broadway star passed away on Saturday after suffering heart failure at Sloan Kettering Hospital. She played Mrs. Lovejoy on AS THE WORLD TURNS in 2005.

China: Everyone is jumping on the online TV bandwagon
Video streaming sites are increasingly starting to fund original filmmaking or soap opera productions. Actors have been quick to jump ship and even the big names appear convinced of the future of the Internet as our principal source for videos in the near future.

TRUE BLOOD's Gay Secret Is Out
Not only has Tara (Rutina Wesley) fled Bon Temps for New Orleans and become a cage-fighter, but she’s also sleeping with a sexy girlfriend named Naomi (Vedette Lim).

Robert Bogue in "Manipulation"
Theater Mania describes the play as "full of overblown, soap-opera emotions but without any of the plot twists, except for one at the end that is laughably far-fetched."

Terry Pheto thought B&B role was a joke at first
“Actually, at first, I thought it was a joke,” laughs Pheto. “I thought there was no way in hell I would be a part of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. “It is such an amazing production, with so many talented people, and also one of my favorite shows. And it wasn’t a joke – thank God. Ja, it took us months to prepare for everything because of the work permit to get myself here.”

THE PLAYBOY CLUB Lands New Home in Salt Lake City
KMYU, the Utah capital's My Network TV affiliate, has agreed to pick up the drama and air it in its regular Monday nighttime slot this fall.

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