Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEWS: Teen Choice Awards, DAYS Goes To The Movies, Telemundo

GLEE and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES lead Teen Choice Awards nominations
GLEE scored nine nominations while DIARIES had seven.

TV Guide: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Goes to the Movies for July 4
"Bad rain will hit Salem on the July 4 episode of NBC's Days of Our Lives, forcing the young ones — Gabi, Chad, Abigail, Kinsey and Melanie — to stay indoors and watch this year's Oscar DVDs at the Brady Pub. While trying to decide which flicks to choose, Melanie imagines herself and Bo in True Grit, while Chad fantasizes himself in The Social Network and Gabi goes for The King's Speech. Kinsey votes for The Fighter with Brady as Mark Wahlberg's character and the gals — from Nicole and Melanie to sassy Nurse Maxine — as the mouthy, trashtastic Eklund sisters. And look for Emmy winner Judi Evans (Adrienne) in the badass mom role that won an Oscar for Melissa Leo. The Days take-off we most can't wait to see? That'd be Black Swan, with the great Kristian Alfonso (Hope) in all her psychotic Natalie Portman glory."

Telemundo was Fastest Growing Broadcast Network for the Quarter, Regardless of Language
Telemundo delivered the network’s best quarter in its broadcast history, averaging more viewers than ever before and registering double-digit quarterly growth across all key demographics, according to Nielsen Media Research. Telemundo was the fastest growing broadcast network in primetime year-over-year, regardless of language, among total viewers (persons 2+) and adults 18-49 in the second quarter of 2011 compared to the second quarter of 2010.

TRUE BLOOD Joe Manganiello to guest on WHITE COLLAR
Manganiello will play an ex-con who moves across the street from the Burkes.

MTV creates TEEN WOLF webisodes
Titled "Search for a Cure," the webisodes will introduce the wolf's dad.


  1. I hope this latest DAYS episode is not indicative of their new creative direction. Besides being totally lame and having nothing to do with the characters, the Oscars were months ago!

  2. DAYS tapes way ahead so this was before the creative changes were made.

  3. I'm just enjoying seeing Brady shirtless.

  4. BLACK SWAN...not Swan Lake...BLACK SWAN... you are gays.. get it right. :) I will tune in for it.. this feels like something Ron Carlavati would dream up. Days kinda needs this..eventhough..yes.. the Oscars were MONTHS ago...not really topical.

  5. I'm looking forward to this even though it seems outdated and out of place.

  6. I'm surprised that nowhere on here as the passing of Anthony Herrera been mentioned. He died on June 21 in Buenos Aires. As James Stenbeck on ATWT and Dane Hammond on LOVING, I consider him a major player in the world of soaps.

  7. Mr. Herrera's passing was posted last night.