Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEWS: Head Writer Garin Wolf Previews GH, Eileen Fulton, Brands

GENERAL HOSPITAL's New Head Writer Garin Wolf Looks to the Future
"The mob will still be there but it will become a background for the emotions of the characters. The Spencer family, the mob, the hospital, will all have equal weight. I probably shouldn't say this, but so will Wyndemere. Everyone has a story, no matter who they are. Everyone can make you laugh and cry."

"There's not a character on this show who is mined out yet. There's always something we haven't seen, a twist on a character we think we know but really don't. I love the idea of pinball characters."

Why Brands Aren’t Leveraging Independent Producers for New Media Content
Branded entertainment provides companies with a great method to connect with consumers and build an online presence to promote their products. Not talking product placement, but product integration directly into the story. Many brands have begun exploring this space and some have had success with web content, but very few brands are partnering with independent producers.

What will we lose when daytime soaps go kaput?
The end of soaps will mark the end of an era.

Major Pro Choice Media Outlets Spawn A Viral Outbreak Of Comments On Hollywood Filmmaker Premiere
The Life Zone, written and produced by New Jersey Republican State Senate candidate, Kenneth Del Vecchio, a veteran filmmaker of over 15 movies and best-selling author (novels and legal books), stars Academy Award and Emmy nominee Robert Loggia, Blanche Baker, Lindsey Haun, Angela Little, Eric Etebari, Thomas G. Waites, Nina Transfeld and Eileen Fulton.

Samsung Smart View app turns TVs into media servers
This software essentially transforms the Galaxy S II into a secondary screen that can be used to play back content from devices connected to a Smart TV. Users will be able to access other apps as well, while future upgrades are expected to enable new features such as remote control functions and TV channel listings. This Samsung app will be available in South East Asia by end July.

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