Sunday, June 12, 2011

NEWS: B&B Hits Skid Row, Chandler Massey, Judith Light, Terrell Tilford

Skid Row featured in Emmy-nominated BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
It was a rare intersection of the extremes of glitz and grit in this sprawling city — both the nation's entertainment Mecca and its homeless capital, and quite a departure in both style and substance for the 24-year-old CBS melodrama.

"We're what you could call a camp romance novel," said actress Susan Flannery, whose character experiences an epiphany in the episodes. "We don't do big social issues."

The episodes have earned nine Daytime Emmy nominations, including writing, directing, acting and outstanding drama series. The award ceremony will be held June 19 in Las Vegas.

Two of the episodes, which resemble documentaries filmed at a Skid Row park and a shelter, are a particular measure of pride for the cast, crew and executive producer-head writer Bradley Bell.

"It was unlike anything we'd done in 24 years," Bell said. "We were all transformed by this. We went to bed that night grateful for a pillow under our heads."

Judith Light, Tony Nominee, Awaiting Word for Soap Return
Tonight Judith Light goes up against Ellen Barkin in “The Normal Heart” for best featured actress in a play. She told me Saturday night she doesn’t think she’ll win. “But it’s great being included.”

What about ONE LIFE TO LIVE? “Let’s get through [Sunday] night first,” she said. But really, she knows it: if the show’s fans could be polled, Judith Light is the one actor they’d want to see return, even if briefly, for a big finale.

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival opens Wednesday with Marnie Schulenburg
Schulenburg, once a PSF intern and now an Emmy-nominated actress for her work on AS THE WORLD TURNS, will star as Nellie Forbush, the U.S. Navy nurse as smitten with de Becque as he is with her.

Lifetime's THE PROTECTOR shields viewers from drama
Terrell Tilford (ONE LIFE TO LIVE) co-stars as a flirtatious cop named Romeo.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES actor with Gainesville ties, Chandler Massey, now ventures into movies
"When I first took over the character, Will was a bratty teenager. He wasn’t getting the attention that he wanted from his mom, so he was being very rebellious," Massey said.

"Now he’s a young adult. He’s definitely matured a lot. He’s like the voice of reason in his family."

Since shooting his first movie feature last year — 16-Love, which should be released soon — Massey says he’s been bitten by the big-screen bug.

DAYS star James Scott attending Mahoning Valley Scrappers games as part of their new celebrity nights
Heading the list of promotions this summer will be several celebrity nights. Scott will appear August 13.

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