Sunday, June 12, 2011

NEWS: EMMERDALE Complaints, Monte Carlo Fest, Springsteen

UK soap EMMERDALE under fire for assisted suicide propaganda
The episode, which aired Tuesday night, showed the paralyzed Jackson Walsh being fed a lethal dose of drugs by his partner and mother.

Viewers have written in on Twitter and Facebook complaining about the program, and a leading UK charity has blasted the entire storyline as an inaccurately negative portrayal of people with spinal cord injuries. The EMMERDALE Facebook page has posted a link to the suicide prevention group the Samaritans for those who may have “been affected” by the program.

The UK’s TV regulator Ofcom is reported to be assessing “dozens” of complaints that the program should not have been aired at 7:30 pm., before the 9 p.m. “watershed” intended to protect children from disturbing content.

Monte Carlo or Bust
"The Man from Atlantis was telling us about his return to DALLAS while trying to squeeze a word in edgeways about his current stint in an evergreen US daytime soap. 'I'd better say something about THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL or that man over there might get angry,' said Duffy. In the near distance a man was ominously brandishing a pen bearing the legend THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL."

GLEE Boss Wants The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, to Guest Star
"We aren't going to change the entire cast, but some of the cast will graduate. I just think we would be missing a beat if we didn't acknowledge the fact that a huge part of high school is graduating from high school, and that's going to give us a lot of stuff to write to in season three."

Jane Lynch and Bill Maher do dramatic readings of Anthony Weiner's sexts
"The Weinerlogues."

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  1. i really enjoy emmerdale i started watching the soap about two months ago on youtube.emmerdale is written more realistic than any other soap i seen.the aaron/jackson storyline touch my heart it was well written soaps don't usually affected me,but this storyline affected me the way brokeback did.i know people don't agree with what went down with jackson,,his mother and aaron,but i do believe in real life there's some people who feel the same way as jackson i'm pretty sure they have done what the characters deny and not let this story be told is not realistic.