Friday, June 10, 2011

NEWS: Watching soap operas in Kabul, Katie Couric, Faith Ford

Watching soap operas in Kabul
If you truly want to understand what a nation is thinking, look at what it’s watching on TV. An especially clear example has emerged in Afghanistan, where broadcast television was banned after the Taliban took power in 1996. Since the regime fell in 2001, however, television has flourished.

Wazhmah Osman, an Afghan native who came to the United States when she was 10, wrote a chapter about Indian and Iranian soap operas on Afghan TV, titled ”Trashy Tastes and Permeable Borders,” that was just published in a new book, ”Soap Operas and Telenovelas in the Digital Age.”

Katie Couric: Challenges To Come
Ed Martin writes: "Katie Couric certainly has her work cut out for her during the year ahead. Launching a new daytime talk show is a difficult enough task under the best of circumstances. To do so on a network at a time when its popular daytime schedule is literally being torn asunder and pieced back together seems like an almost insurmountable challenge."

Salon: Why SKINS was canceled?
Some critics are blaming the Parents Television Council for calling the show "child pornography" and scaring off all the advertisers. Some are claiming that Bryan Elsley's show was just too racy for American audiences and/or Viacom. Other say it wasn't racy enough to compete with actual reality television. Another contention? The American version of SKINS just wasn't good enough to warrant a second season.

Former ANOTHER WORLD actress Faith Ford talks about being bullied
"I was actually bullied, too, when I was in elementary school. It’s not fun, and there are all sorts of bullying, which is what I found out. You have emotional bullying, and now there is cyber bullying. It’s really about taking someone who is vulnerable, and capitalizing that they are vulnerable and harassing them."

Jackman Strawn Draper, actor, director, dead at 47
He started his career on THE DOCTORS.

Actress tells of struggles before landing EASTENDERS role
Kingston University graduate Bunmi Mojekwu, who plays Mercy Olubunmi in the popular soap opera , may have been the last character from the online spin-off E20, to have been featured in EASTENDERS, but perhaps it’s true, they save the best till last.

Brazilian soap operas get their first black lead actor
“Of course it's late,” L├ízaro Ramos says of his casting on INSENSATO CORACAO. But he still welcomes it as an opening for more black actors in Brazilian popular media.

DEXTER: DEADWOOD Alumna Cast As [Spoiler's] Sister
Molly Parker is headed to Dexter as Lisa Marshall, the sister of Colin Hanks’ mysterious new character, Travis.

Average age of daytime soap viewers going up
GH remains the youngest-skewing sudser in daytime, but its average age is still 51.3. Last year, it was 50.3.

DAYS is 52.9, down from last year’s 53.6. OLTL is 54.3, up from last year’s 53.4. Y&R is 57.9, up from last year’s 56.9. And AMC is 56.7, up from last year’s 55.5. B&B is 58.7, up slightly from last year’s 58.4. (In comparison, the nets are a lot younger in primetime: NBC is 49.6, CBS is 55.1 and ABC is 51.5).

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