Friday, June 10, 2011

WATCH: THEN WE GOT HELP! 2.11 "Room in the Hot Tub"

THEN WE GOT HELP! is back with an all-new episode today, "Room in the Hot Tub."

Creator and star Julie Ann Emery offers us a preview: "Jenny subjects the couples to a Dr. Phil quiz but is interrupted when Detective Jan shows up unannounced...this time with his 29 year old girlfriend in tow."

"Find out what's going on with Dan and Eric after last week's big fight. (I love how Nicholas and Blake played that last scene in honest). There's tension between any couple when it comes to having kids and the question of how many. Will it break Dan and Eric up forever? Or do they work things out? I love that the big issues between Dan and Eric continue to be the same that any couple might go through. It is my belief that when the general public understands how similar we all are regardless of orientation, that all relationships prosper and struggle over similar issues and circumstances, they'll realize equal rights for all is a no-brainer."

"Also, Sam McMurray returns this week as Detective Jan McSorely, only this time it's not Terry who wants to punch him. We continue to be so lucky that actors of such high caliber are ready, willing, and eager to be on our show. And Sam is no exception. He really embraced his role and took it to the next level. We're so lucky to have him."

Watch the episode below.

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