Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEWS: Taylor Groothuis on AMC, Facebook Funerals, Disney Sues Dish, Nicollette Sheridan

Taylor Groothuis debuts on ALL MY CHILDREN on May 9
Groothuis, the nine-year-old daughter of Dana (Harris) Groothuis, a 1986 Fruitport graduate, and Bryan Groothuis, a 1983 Orchard View graduate, will debut on AMC on Monday.

The spunky young actress, who now lives with her family in Grandville, has appeared in a few TV spots and Michigan-made movies, but the soap opera gig reportedly will be an ongoing role.

Facebook Funerals: When You Close a Brand, What About the Fans?
Death notice: Citing "extensive research into what today's daytime viewers want," broadcaster ABC on April 14 announces that this will be the final season for daytime soaps ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. They will be replaced by new shows that glorify good cooking and, respectively, nutrition and weight loss. The 670,000 "AMC" and "OLL" fans on Facebook are informed the shows will "sunset" over the next few months; their final episodes will be in September and in January, 2012. The details are posted to the Facebook fan pages of both shows where many of the fans first hear of the news.

Remembered for: Heroically, the network continues with its dutiful Facebook postings, even if the travails of characters like "AMC's" Tad and Cara and Griffin seem somehow trivial in comparison to the faithful. Fans beseech the network to reconsider and even form an ABC protest group, vowing to, among other things, boycott the network's coverage of the royal wedding. But the inevitable is starting to sink in among soaps die-hards. One fan ominously predicts doom for the genre: "NBC is getting ready to cancel 'Days of our Lives.' They will not be picking up more soaps." These are not happy times for soaps fans. At least they have each other to commiserate, and a few more months of shows to savor the moment.

GLAAD demands apology from Fox affiliate that asked if GLEE is too gay
MyFox Houston aired the segment following last week's GLEE episode asking, "Is TV too gay?"

Dish Network sued by Starz and Disney
Dish violated its agreement with the two companies by offering their channels for free, according to the two lawsuits.

Lifetime renews ARMY WIVES
Lifetime has also ordered scripted series like Ally Walker in THE PROTECTOR and New York Times-inspired MODERN LOVE.

Nicollette Sheridan's lawsuit OK'd for trial, but judge tosses her sex harrassment claims
Sheridan will still be able to seek damages for wrongful termination from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but Sheridan can't pursue any of her sexual harassment and assault claims against Marc Cherry and ABC.


  1. If your predictions come true also look for boycotts of abc and disney to go on indefinitely. They will be the real losers in the end. Hasn't anyone else in any other group got the nerve to stand up for their rights against this corporate tyranny with us? We are not "dogs needing to be trained" as frons called us...we ALL are intelligent human beings who do not have to told what to watch,wear, eat.look like,live etc. If they win in this where will it stop...in the new shoes they plan on teaching you how to cook...you don't already know? And then the next show will be telling you after you cooked all the junk during the hour before you have to still be skinny and they will teach you how. How pathetic to take a pair of shows that are loved by millions of people for decades and trade them in for two flash in the pan jokes. Well frons if we are untrained dogs realize this not only do we bark but we bite and we do not forget.

  2. The genre will never die and I am a firm believer in death and rebirth. The genre is thriving as we speak in prime time and cable. These daytime shows are gone because TPTB refused to reinvent them. We'll just have to let go to let them come back to us in a different, perhaps better way.

  3. Okay, so the first little article about the young girl who will be joining the AMC cast says that her roal on the soap will be an ongoing role. The articles after that are trying to basically tell us that it's hopeless & we can't save or soaps. If we definetly can't save them than that poor little girl isn't going to have a very "ongoing" role. What, 3-4 months? Stupid! Why hire more ppl just to leave an even bigger impact on the unemployment line when they pull the plugh! ABC really needs to figure crap out & pull their heads out of the a**es!!