Thursday, April 7, 2011

WLS Theater Review: "Colleen Zenk LIVE!"

Colleen Zenk did a final run-thru of her new cabaret show "Colleen Zenk: LIVE!" yesterday in New York City. I had the honor to attend and let me tell you, the audience that is lucky enough to catch the April 8th performance at the Bob Egan's New Hope nightclub is in for a real treat.  The Emmy-nominated actress has upped her game to bring her fans a delightful mixture of familiar standards and original songs, each and every one with her own unique stamp.  And of course, there will be dancing as well!

Zenk's show traces her life story in song.  From growing up on a Midwestern farm wanting to be a nun (!), to studying drama in Chicago, to chasing the bright lights of Broadway in New York City, her roles as actress, dancer, mother, wife, and survivor are beautifully shared with laughter, and some tears.  And yes, ATWT fans, there are plenty of Barbara Friggin' Ryan stories to go around, including a hilarious new song written by Zenk herself about Barbara's trial and tribulations in love and matrimony.

Most significantly, Zenk is able to use her stage presence to inspire and encourage her audience to embrace the roles and challenges we face in our own lives.  From triumphs and disappointments, career highs and lows, emotional love and loss, Zenk lays it all out there and gives us the courage to try the same.  Anyone in the Philadelphia area does not want to miss this chance of a lifetime.

Short Attention Soap Summary (S.A.S.S.)

WHAT IS IT?  "Colleen Zenk: LIVE!" - The April 8th premiere of the daytime legend's one-woman cabaret show, produced by Drama Desk Award Nominee Phillip Katz, at Bob Egan's New Hope.

WHY SOAP FANS WILL LOVE IT:  Anyone who watched AS THE WORLD TURNS and enjoyed Zenk's fearless portrayal of complex CEO/mother Barbara Ryan will devour this show.  She has plenty of anecdotes to share, and rare videos/pictures as well.  There is even a surprise duet Zenk performs with a certain beloved Oakdale resident that will have fans beaming from ear to ear. 

BOTTOM LINE:  This show emotionally resonates with anyone who has ever had to change roles in their own lives, survive a painful loss, or chased a childhood dream.

VERDICT: Unlike Zenk's 32 years on ATWT, this show is "LIVE!" for one night only!  So don't hesitate to buy your tickets now

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  1. Thanks so much for the preview Damon!
    We will be there on Friday night in New Hope and we are so excited! can't believe it's tomorrow already!
    If it weren't for We Love Soaps, we wouldn't have even known about it - so THANKS guys!

  2. Go, Colleen! We Love You Madly! :-)

  3. What an amazing, talented lady Colleen is. Everyone seeing her show is in for a real treat!

  4. UPDATE:
    The show was amazing! Colleen was phenomenal!
    She was so gracious and chatted with us afterwards. She even "signed" our iPad! Hee hee!
    We hope we get the opportunity to see her perform again, someday!