Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Love Soaps Interview Archive: Colleen Zenk

Actress.  Soap Legend. Oral Cancer Survivor.  Educator. Singer. Dancer.  These are just a few adjectives to describe the inspiring legend Colleen Zenk.  Her next role, with your help, will be as a contestant on ABC's DANCING WITH THE STARS.  With three simple steps YOU can be part of making the dream come true for Zenk and the millions of people who were touched by her performances as Barbara Ryan on AS THE WORLD TURNS these past 32 years.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV recently sat down to speak with Zenk and reflect upon her career as Barbara Ryan, surviving oral cancer, and coping with recent hardships.  If you haven't already seen our interview from September 2010, please take a moment to learn about this gorgeous talent, and then consider letting ABC know how you feel about her appearing on DANCING WITH THE STARS.  It can happen!
In Part One - The daytime legend discussed her pre-WORLD TURNS roots, starting her 32-year-run on the show, and Barbara's classic gothic romances with James Stenbeck and Gunnar St. Clair.

In Part Two - Zenk recalls her years flourishing under Douglas Marland's writing, and the dearth of airtime that followed.  How did she deal with being put "off the stove"? Find out here!

In Part Three  - Zenk discusses working with Larry Bryggman (John Dixon) and Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson).  Plus, for the first time, she shares insight into the suicide of Hendrickson in 2006.

In Part Four - Zenk shares her thoughts on how ATWT may have continued to thrive in this economy, Barbara's role under Hogan Sheffer, and the real life challenges that continue to impact her today.

In Part Five - In this candid section, she reveals her personal struggles and hardships in recent years, and the story behind her roof-blowing performance at We Love Soaps Weekend in May 2010.

In Part Six - Zenk shares her thoughts on Barbara's relationship with Henry, how she dealt with the ageism jokes on screen, and her status as a "gay icon."  Plus, what has she learned from portraying Barbara Ryan for 32 years? Find out here!

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